Berserk and the Band of the Hawk – Svelati i bonus del pre-order con nuove immagini e trailer

Koei Tecmo ha confermato ufficialmente che in Europa arriveranno i bonus del pre-order per Berserk and the Band of the Hawk, gioco che sarà disponibile dal prossimo 24 febbraio su PCPlayStation 4PS Vita. Andando a prenotare il gioco sviluppato da Omega Force e ispirato al manga di Kentaro Miura avremo a nostra disposizione le skin White Swordsman e Golden Swordsman per Gatsu, Golden Hawk e Black Hawk per Griffith ed, infine, Pirate e Blue Stripe per Schierke.

Ecco alcuni dettagli sul combat style di Berserk and the Band of the Hawk:

A lone mercenary and the series’ main protagonist, Guts wields an impressive array of powerful weapons to choose from, and each alters the pace of gameplay. For example, utilizing his massive Dragonslayer Great Sword allows for devastating attacks, and players will subsequently feel the weight of the weapon throughout battle. Similarly, players can enjoy customized playstyles tailored to the other playable characters, like Griffith’s rapid sword attacks and Schierke’s magical powers.

Utilizing a vast array of different weapon styles, players will slash and smash their way through gripping battles in Berserk and the Band of the Hawk. Attacks become more ferocious as a fight rages on, allowing players to smash monsters against walls or slash them in two with a single strike! However, during the course of his adventures Guts encounters creatures known as Apostles – giant demonic monsters that possess deadly attacks. Unlike other enemies, typical battle strategies will not work on these beasts, and players must make swift tactical decisions in order to take them down. These exciting sequences aim to perfectly capture the tense, action-packed style of Berserk.

Ecco una serie d’immagini e video dedicati al titolo noto in Giappone con il nome di Berserk Musou.

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