Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night – Disponibile la beta demo per i backer del progetto

Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night è disponibile ufficialmente in versione beta demo per coloro che hanno finanziato il gioco tramite Kickstarter.

La demo del gioco, però, è disponibile unicamente tramite Steam per PC e sorprendentemente sarà supportato anche dai sottotitoli in italiano, cosa molto strana per una beta di un gioco finanziato in questo modo.

Hi everyone, IGA here.

Every time I go to E3, I’m reminded that this is the biggest game show in the world. I had a valuable opportunity to meet other developers who I usually don’t get to see.

This year, Bloodstained was exhibited in a closed space at 505 Games. The demo we showcased is actually the Beta Backer Demo that will be available today to all backers at the $60 tier and higher.

I explained the contents briefly in a previous update, but this morning I’ll provide an overview plus a bit more detail. In this demo we are heading to the castle by ship, passing through the ruined village and then through the castle entrance. 

Miriam: A girl who has the ability to link demon shards through her crystal-embedded body.

Johannes: An alchemist who grew up with Miriam and supports her.

Gebel: A Shardbinder with the same ability as Miriam, who caused the chaos.

Dominique: An exorcist dispatched from the church to quell the demons.

Zangetsu: A samurai who despises all things demonic who has made his way to the scene along with Dominique.

Alfred: an alchemist who was part of the demon ritual 10 years ago.

You will be able to experience a part of the storyline through these characters.

Regarding the gameplay—we’ve prepared a demo that I can proudly call an action game. Well, I guess that should be obvious… but hey! We also added special commands that were eagerly requested! It’s only a small portion of what’s in the game, but try to find them and see what you think. There are also new enemies and shards introduced in this demo.

In addition to the combat, there is a shop to buy and sell items, and an alchemy room to craft new items, where you can also make food and upgrade shards. 

Johannes the alchemist performs item transmutation, but Miriam cooks her own food. Food heals health, but it can also permanently increase stat parameters.  In other words, you can become stronger by cooking and eating food, in addition to collecting experience points. It’s time to collect lots of materials and eat a lot of food!

There are also two ways to strengthen shards: You can collect duplicates of the same shard to increase its overall strength, and you can evolve shards by combining materials in crafting. You will need certain materials in order to do this. Both methods are included in the Backer Beta Demo.

In the previously announced update, there are also quests. This time we have a villager named Lindsay, who has survived the attack.

She will ask Miriam to avenge those who have been killed by the demons. The first quest is to avenge her husband by hunting eight Mortes. Morte is an enemy that couldn’t become a full-fledged demon, so it takes on a form of other things. It doesn’t drop a shard, but you will get a reward for killing few of them in the area.

That’s all I have to tell you about the demo! Please let us hear your thoughts and experience when you play it.

The Backer Beta Demo (BBD) has arrived! We can’t wait to hear your feedback, to that end, we’ve set up a few ways for you to talk to us directly:

First of all, everyone will have access to an exclusive Steam Forum via the app’s community hub, which you can post in only if you have installed the BBD.

Secondly, we of course have our official forums with specific sections dedicated to feedback and bug reporting. Last but not least, you can visit our official 505 Games customer support portal to request urgent help with any technical support issues, submit bug reports, and give feedback as well.

In addition to the above, come join us on our official Discord server where we’ll be talking about the BBD in a more casual way. Phew, I think that’s it—hopefully with all these ways to talk to us you all know that we are *definitely* listening and eager to hear what you have to say, good or bad!

Thank you so much everyone, and have fun slaying some demons! >:D

Roberto Piraino “Angel-Corlux”
Global Brand Manager – 505 Games

Di seguito ecco anche un trailer per Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night mentre il gioco sarà disponibile anche su Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 e Xbox One.

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