Devil May Cry 5 – Ecco alcuni dettagli sul nuovo capitolo della saga

Microsoft e Capcom hanno finalmente esaudito uno dei desideri di tantissimi videogiocatori, ovvero il ritorno di Devil May Cry.

Devil May Cry 5 è stato annunciato per Xbox One e PC prima e PlayStation 4 poi come in uscita il prossimo anno durante la primavera e vanterà come protagonista nuovamente Nero che sarà affiancato dallo storico Dante e la new-entry Nico. Inoltre ci sarà un terzo personaggio giocabile non meglio identificato.

Di seguito ecco una serie lunga di informazioni e immagini su Devil May Cry 5.


In the provincial Red Grave City, a giant tree with blood-sucking roots suddenly appeared and began attacking the people. Nero, a traveling demon exterminator, hurries there in the “Devil May Cry” van. Accompanying him and providing weapons is his sidekick Nico, a self-proclaimed “Weapons Artist.”

Devil May Cry 5Powers stolen and pride lost, there are some things Nero seeks to reclaim. They are his beloved sword Red Queen which knocks about demons and thrusts him into battle, and his double-barreled, fire-shooting Blue Rose. The shine on his right hand is an anti-demon artificial arm called the Devil Breaker. “Nice…I’m going to rip you apart!”

Devil May Cry 5Nero

A young traveling demon hunter. He was once a Holy Knight for the Order of the Sword. And he is not far down the bloodline of the Legendary Dark Knight.

Devil May Cry 5Due to a certain event, Nero lost his demon hand, the Devil Trigger. However, his partner Nico helped him acquire a replacement, the new Devil Breaker. With it, he will stand against the invading demon forces.

Devil May Cry 5Nico

A self-proclaimed “Weapons Artist” who travels with Nero. She is a first-class weapon crafter. Her grandmother is the first-class gunsmith Nell Goldstein.

Devil May Cry 5She made the anti-demon artificial arm “Devil Breaker” for Nero. Although it was at the cost of her stamina, she is proud of the mechanisms she installed. The way she looks at her own work with such confidence is reminiscent of her father, who himself was a mad scientist.

Devil May Cry 5Gameplay

Continuing from Devil May Cry 4, Devil May Cry 5 features intense action, amazing graphics you will mistake for real life, and the fastest gameplay in the series to date, allowing you to move however you feel. The story will ramp up in intensity as you progress. This is a sequel that can only be created by developers who know Devil May Cry. The new RE Engine makes it possible to experience stylish action in 60 frames per second.

Devil May Cry 5Devil May Cry 5Create combos by grabbing, pulling, and driving into enemies. Grab. Pull. Drive into. Nero’s artificial right arm, the Devil Breaker, replaces the lost demon arm and wields a lot of power. Grab an enemy, pull them in, and attack them with your sword. You will get hooked on linking combos to create stylish action.

Devil May Cry 5Decide how you want to style. The series’ gun and sword action is alive and well. Starting with the Devil Breaker, there are more new actions and systems to be announced. The possibilities for mastering style will infinitely expand.

Devil May Cry 5

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