Dragon Quest Builders 2 – Gli sviluppatori hanno discusso sul multiplayer, nuove informazioni sul gioco

Nuovissime informazioni per Dragon Quest Builders 2, nuovo capitolo della serie spin-off della saga di Square Enix, sono state svelate di recente.

Il gioco, annunciato alla fine dello scorso anno, è stata la giusta conseguenza per il successo del primo Dragon Quest Builders ed è stata confermata la possibilità di trasferire i dati di salvataggio dal primo capitolo al secondo.

Dragon Quest Builders 2 sarà disponibile nel corso di quest’anno, almeno in Giappone, su PlayStation 4 Nintendo Switch.

  • Development on Dragon Quest Builders 2 was decided because the first game was a success. Square Enix received many requests from fans, as well as for elements that could not realistically be done.
  • In terms of specific requests, there were things like wanting to circulate water from high places and to be able to build even higher. A lot of people also asked for four-player multiplayer.
  • Currently, you can build at three times the height of the original game.
  • If a sequel was going to be made, Square Enix wanted to minimize hardware limitations and make it properly. For that reason, they went with PlayStation 4 and Switch.
  • The PlayStation 4 version of Dragon Quest Builders 2 will be able to import save data from the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, or PS Vita versions of the original Dragon Quest Builders, and the Switch version of Dragon Quest Builders 2 will be able to import data from the Switch version of the original Dragon Quest Builders. Doing so will get you a special bonus, which is the same across platforms.
  • While Square Enix currently cannot say much about multiplayer, they are thinking about ways to make it more than just “being able to play with others.” They think they will be able to offer a playground of some sort.
  • Production is currently “a series of trial and error,” and “it doesn’t feel like there is time to spare.” It is also mentioned that “updating the game engine is causing the game design to take more time.”
  • As for the story, nothing can be said at the moment outside of the fact that “a traveling comrade / boy named Malroth” will appear. Many people associate Malroth with Dragon Quest II, but you will not have to know anything about the story of Dragon Quest II.
  • Square Enix cannot currently say if Dragon Quest Builders 2 has a connection to the original game. However, it will be safe to play Dragon Quest Builders 2 without playing the original game.

Via: Gematsu

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