Dragon Quest Builders 2 – Informazioni e immagini dedicate a Isola Monzola e molto altro

Nuove ed interessantissime informazioni sono state rivelate da Square Enix riguardo Dragon Quest Builders 2, seconda incarnazione della serie action RPG sandbox che almeno in Giappone ha già una data d’uscita ufficiale.

Oggi ci viene descritta l’Isola Monzona, una delle ambientazioni che potremo esplorare in Dragon Quest Builders 2 che, come già detto da Square Enix qualche mese fa, rappresenta una sorta di sequel di Dragon Quest II:

■ World

◆ Monzola Island

Cooperate with the residents of Monzola Island in order to build a plantation and restore the island’s rich greenery!

While it is hard for the protagonist alone to build a plantation, the residents of the island will assist by plowing the field and watering the crops. By borrowing the strength of the island’s residents, you will be able to get the job done in no time. Combine your power to create your dream plantation!

—Put up a scarecrow! The island’s residents will plow the land!

Dragon Quest Builders 2

—Decide which crops to grow and plant the seeds in the field!

Dragon Quest Builders 2

—The island’s residents will water the crops! After that, wait for them to grow!

Dragon Quest Builders 2

—Drive away the monsters attacking your crops!

Dragon Quest Builders 2

—Many crops have grown!

Dragon Quest Builders 2

—Build a plantation all your own!

Dragon Quest Builders 2

Gather the people’s feelings of gratitude and sound the “Builder’s Bell!” The desire for the island’s inhabitants to build will gradually increase!

The inhabitants of the island who believe in the teachings of the Hargon Order will gradually become more positive through building with the protagonist. This is denoted by heart-shaped “Builder Points” sometimes dropped by the residents. By gathering many of these, you can sound the “Builder’s Bell” in town. The sound of the bell will draw out the motivation of the residents and they will gradually grow more positive towards building. Create your plantation in no time.

—The island residents’ feelings of gratitude for the protagonist’s building are represented by heart-shaped “Builder Points!”

Dragon Quest Builders 2

—By ringing the Builder’s Bell, the level of the town and motivation of the residents will increase!

Dragon Quest Builders 2

—The amount and variety of things the protagonist can create will also increase!

Dragon Quest Builders 2

—Build even more and gradually raise your level!

Dragon Quest Builders 2

◆ Evolved Building, Part 2

Part 1 available here.

Use “Builder Tools” that make building easier!

In addition to weapons and armor such as swords to fight against monsters, you can also equip “Builder Tools” that are useful for building. Things such as a hammer that breaks hard rocks, a bottomless pot that scoops up water, or gloves to carry things. All of these are useful tools, so use them well.

—Hammer: If you have a hammer, you can break hard rocks and trees! Build up power and swing it with a bang!

Dragon Quest Builders 2

—Bottomless Pot: Scoop up water in the bottomless pot and scatter it where you like! Create water fields in various places!

Dragon Quest Builders 2

—Gloves: By wearing gloves, you can carry things as they are without breaking them!

Dragon Quest Builders 2

—You can even move and reposition flowers and furniture!

Dragon Quest Builders 2

The Difference Between Weapons and the Hammer

Weapons such as swords can deal great damage to monsters, but will only break so little and cannot break anything hard like rocks and trees. A hammer can break a large variety of things, but can only deal little damage to monsters. Use these tools properly.

—Since wielding a weapon will not break buildings and furniture, you can fight the monsters attacking the town without hesitation.

Dragon Quest Builders 2
Dragon Quest Builders 2 sarà disponibile in Giappone su PlayStation 4 e Nintendo Switch dal prossimo dicembre.

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