Dragon Quest Heroes II – Dettagli su Torneko, Maribe, Gabo, Party Skills e Party Combo

Square Enix ha diffuso nuovissime informazioni su personaggi, party e abilità presenti in Dragon Quest Heroes II, nuovo capitolo della serie musou realizzata in collaborazione con Koei Tecmo e affidato alle cure di Omega ForceArmor Project Bird Studio.

Di seguito ecco anche alcune immagini dedicate a TornekoMaribeGabo e tutto ciò che Square Enix ha svelato nelle ultime ore:

■ Torneko (voiced by Chafurin) from Dragon Quest IV


An arms merchant who knows every weapon across all times and places. He dreams of being successful in life and running the best weapons shop in the world, and leaves his family to go on a journey. If he’s pursuing a legendary weapon, even in an endlessly deep dungeon, and even in a strange new world, he is a man of action that will fearlessly jump in.

If It’s for Legendary Weapons, He’ll Go as Far as Another World!

Torneko wanders the world seeking legendary weapons. Even in this game, he wanders into another world in the middle of a weapon hunting journey. You would expect that he joins the protagonists in order to find a way back to his original world, but with his arrival in Zebion, he also works hard in search of rare goods. While he is worried about the family he left behind back home, he is excited about the adventure that awaits him in a different world, as he through and through loves adventure.


Although troubled and in an unknown world, Torneko is still excited by the anticipation of adventure.


Adventure always comes with accidents. Torneko has become accustomed to being thrown in jail.

Torneko Carries Handy Tools in His Bag

Torneko fights using the handy tools he’s collected, showing his true worth as a weapons dealer. By making use of the tools at his disposal, Torneko is an all-purpose fighter able to easily handle melee attacks, long distance attacks, and recovery.


Torneko’s “Iron Ball of Destruction” throws down a huge iron ball ahead of him.


With his “Recovery Stone,” Torneko can greatly recover all of his allies’ HP.


Using his “Crossbow,” Torneko can fire consecutive arrows at air-based enemies.


Torneko’s special move is “Arakure Yobi,” which sees soldiers appear out of nowhere to take revenge on the enemy.

■ Maribel (voiced by Aoi Yuki) from Dragon Quest VII


The daughter of a fisherman mayor born in a fishing village. Perhaps because she was spoiled, she is highhandedly outspoken and says all that she has to say. But even so, she is a girl with a kind heart at her core. Her strong curiosity throws her head first into another world’s war.

She Has a Bad Mouth, But is a Reliable Young Woman

Maribel gets wrapped up in the war between Gywall and Orenka. She is put in a difficult situation when a large crowd of monsters attacks for reasons she doesn’t understand, but is not the least bit intimidated and does not hesitate as she deduces that she is being attacked as a result of her charm. While she expresses her dissatisfaction, her “doing something when the time calls for it” attitude is in good health even in a different world. Accompanied by Gabo, she joins a great war.


While she’ll express her disinterest, she throws herself into a war together with the protagonists that saved her from a situation.


Her highhanded attitude persists even in a different world. She’s also fully confident that she can win the war even if it were just herself.

Maribel Has a Number of Unique Special Skills

Maribel specializes in boomerang attacks and spells to attack from a long distance, but also has special skills that allow her to fight in close range. This highhanded young lady makes full use of her insults and slaps in battle.


Maribel’s “Retaliate” attack slaps the enemy with a giant hand.


Her “Shout Aloud” attack shocks the enemy with verbal abuse.


Using her “Cross Cutter” attack, Maribel attacks with a backwards turn that lets her take distance from the enemy.


Maribel’s special move, “Flames of Purgatory,” sees pillars of fire erupt from which she gathers flames to blow away the enemy.

■ Gabo (voiced by Mutsumi Tamura) from Dragon Quest VII


A young boy with athletic ability that surpasses that of an ordinary person. He inherited the power of the “Legendary White Wolf” that saved a certain town and always travels with his wolf. He has a very sharp intuition, and can sense surrounding disasters and nearby enemies, as well as where to find tasty food.

A Wild Child Who Takes to the Battlefield by Instinct

Gabo wanders into a different world with Maribel. Whether it’s due to his wolf blood that excites him on the battlefield, he joins in on the war with an assertive war cry. His sharp senses allow him to instinctively perceive friends and foes on the battlefield, and plays a big part in helping him sniff out food. However, he fights at his own pace and amazes even Maribel as his appetite takes precedence even on the battlefield.


Gabo worries about what’s in his stomach even on the battlefield. Maribel harshly tells him not to get worked up about it.


Gabo’s smells someone approaching with his sharp sense of smell. This proves reliable on a battlefield filled with enemies and allies.

Gabo Fights Together With a Wolf

Gabo can unleash powerful special skills in combination with his wolf partner. Gabo himself has astounding physical ability, and his sharp claw attacks and fire breathing make up his distinctive traits.


Gabo’s “Roar” attack sees him and his wolf roar at and stun surrounding enemies.


With “Fenrir Attack,” Gabo’s wolf springs down at the enemy with a series of consecutive sharp claw attacks.


“Fire Breath” sees Gabo spit fire from his mouth, burning the enemies ahead of him.


Gabo’s special move, “Sheep Stampede,” sees him call forth a pack of wolves with a whistle… or actually, no, it calls forth a horde of sheep.

■ Party Skills and Party Combos

In Dragon Quest Heroes II there are new ways to strengthen your party via “Party Skills” and “Party Combos.” Since Party Skills can be learned by increasing the proficiency of specific weapon types, it will increase party’s overall attribute values and prove effective in battle. The effect extends to the entire party if someone learns a Party Skill, so you should try and have all members of your party learn some.


You’ll learn Party Skills via an instructor in the castle town of Zebion.


“Bushin no Gouwan” is learned. The attribute value of the entire party is raised.

Party Combos can be unleashed during battle, and see members of your party replace the character your controlling to let out a series of consecutive special skills, one after the other. This comes in handy when you want to continue attacking the enemy with characters that are at a distance, who will appear before them immediately.

Dragon-Quest-Heroes-II_2016_04-13-16_030 (1)

By continuing Tereshia’s attack with a Party Combo…


…Gabo will immediately take her place and continue the attack.

■ Various Missions in the Field


While exploring the field, you may encounter hordes of monsters and more difficult enemies attacking travelers. These kinds of events are called “Field Missions” and settling them will give players bonus experience points.

Dragon Quest Heroes II sarà disponibile a maggio in Giappone su PlayStation 4PlayStation VitaPlayStation 3 mentre non ci sono ancora informazioni su un possibile rilascio europeo.

Fonte: Gematsu

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