Dragon Quest Heroes II – Disponibili nuovi dettagli sui leader del mondo e i mostri

Il lancio giapponese di Dragon Quest Heroes II: The Twin Kings and the Prophecy’s End è ormai distante poche settimane e Square Enix ha diffuso nuovissimi dettagli per questo musou sviluppato da Omega Force che, ricordiamo, fa parte della serie spin-off di Dragon Quest nata dalla collaborazione tra lo storico publisher della saga e Koei Tecmo.

■ The Kings of the Seven Countries

As commanded by the old prophecy, the kings of the countries divided into seven nations by the ancient war built peace upon the suzerain state of Zebion over 1,000 years. Even in countries where humans rule, humans and monsters were attempting to coexist in prosperity and no one had disrupted the peace. So then why are these rulers facing war? Let’s meet the rulers of each nation that hold the keys to this story.

The King of Zebion (voiced by Yuji Mitsuya)


The king that rules over the suzerain state of Zebion, which governs the world’s seven countries and bears the burden of protecting the peace. He is a descendant of the sage that supressed the great war of ancient times, and is said to be the world leader in knowledge.

Cesare, the Prince of Gywall (voiced by Takayuki Yamada)


Cesare guides his country as prince of the desert nation of Gywall. He is childhood friends with the protagonists, Razel and Tereshia, and although he is older, they get along well regardless of their social positions.

The King of Orenka (voiced by Tessho Genda)

Orenka is a country with a bustling harbor that prospers in trade. It has a friendly relationship with its neighboring country of Gywall, and people are actively coming and going between them. The King of Orenka values the peace of his country and people, and even in war will personally lead the charge. He is a true warrior who will become a shield to protect his people.


Even if attacked attacked by Gywall, the King of Orenka wishes for peace rather than to fight.


A large ship with a number of sailors working on board docks in Orenka’s harbor.


The King of Orenka is a man who will go to the front lines of war to protect his country and people.


The Cathedral of Orenka is widely known for its beautiful stained glass featuring the ancient prophecy.

The Queen of Kretia (voiced by Kikuko Inoue)

Kretia is a country ruled by a famous family of magicians since ancient times. Magic researchers from all over the world gather here, and as a country advanced in magic, they’ve accomplished developments in stealing the magical power of enemies and so on. The Queen of Kretia herself is the world’s leading magic user, and is able to handle a number of high-level spells.


The Queen urges caution regarding the actions of the other countries.


The Queen’s exceptional magic power allows her to float freely in mid-air.


The country’s magical prowess is showcased all throughout the city. Some ornaments can be seen floating and rotating via fmagic.

The Three Countries of Monstrea

In the northern part of the continent are the three countries of Mohrias, Felnock, and Daral. In the distant wasteland beyond the castle walls of the human countries are countries built of only monsters. Many tough monsters that have adapted to the harsh envionrment live in these countries, but monster kings of high intelligence rule these nations in peace.


From the Rao Wasteland that extends north of Zebion, there is a wall that separates the north and south. On the other side of this wall are the countries of Mohrias, Felnock, and Daral.


The King of Daral is admired as gentle king of character.


The King of Mohrias pulls out its sharp nails during a clash with Cesare.


The King of Felnock unleashes magic from its cane to attack an enemy.

■ Monsters

Missing lynx


Abominable showman


Dragon Quest Heroes II sarà disponibile su PlayStation 4PlayStation VitaPlayStation 3.

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