Dragon Quest Heroes II – Immagini e informazioni su Cesare, Orneze e altre classi

Dopo la presentazione avvenuta nelle prime ore della giornata da parte di Square Enix, ecco che abbiamo raccolto nuove informazioni e immagini per Dragon Quest Heroes II e principalmente sul personaggio di Cesare e non solo.

Un altro personaggio di questo secondo musou dedicato a Dragon Quest è stato svelato e si tratta di Orneze in tutte le sue caratteristiche come tecniche d’attacco e peculiarità dello stile di combattimento:

■ Characters

The Prince Who Laughs in Sorrow

The Prince of Gywall. Childhood friend of the protagonists. While prince, he is entrusted as commander-in-chief of the army. He is endeared as a young man of character, but on the other hand, but can fly off the handle when he gets angry.

The Aloof Female Warrior

A warrior who serves the King of Zebion, the suzerain state that governs seven countries. As the “red female warrior” who uses a giant ax, her name is known throughout the world. She is always cheerful when she talks and encourages the protagonists, and takes on the role of a dependable “big sister.”

■ “Sorrow” Moves Cesare to War


Cesare, the Prince of Gywall, is the childhood friend of protagonists Razel and Tereshia. While Cesare is older than the two, the trio gets along regardless of social standing. While Razel lost the opportunity to meet up after he left to study abroad at the military academy in Orenka, they finally reunite after four years during the war. However, their reunion came in an expected form…


Use Fire, Ice, and Thunder to Unleash Various Attacks

By preparing his great sword with both hands, Cesare can make use of a variety of attributes, including fire, ice, and thunder. By unleashing attacks that correspond to the enemy’s weakness, you can fight advantageously in a a variety of situations.


The “Lava Slash” technique spouts out lava across a wide scope.


The “Glacier Slash” technique fires a series of ice blades across a long distance.


The “Lightning Slash” ability slashes at surrounding enemies with bolts of lightning from overhead.


“Ultima Sword” is Cesare’s special move, which basks his sword in a glowing aura and fires a huge blade of light.

■ A Tough Woman Warrior With a Hidden Determination


Orenze flies around the world at the command of King Zebion. As the “red female warrior,” Orneze’s name is known across the world, and fights majestically alongside the royal families of each country. She is a “big sister”-type that guides the combat-inexperienced protagonists with accurate advice. However, despite her cheerful behavior, she holds a heavy determination at the bottom of her heart.


A Mighty Warrior that Can Break Through the Enemy Encirclement

Orneze uses a an axe to unleash powerful attacks. She specializes in breaking through the enemy front, and can mow down the surrounding enemies all at once while swinging, or let out an increased power attack with the power she builds up.


The “Iron Armor Slash” is a forceful jump slash attack that breaks through the hard armor of monsters.


The “Parallax” fires a shock-wave from the axe out of the ground to wipe out frontward enemies.


“Hurricane” takes revenge against enemies with a quick rotation of the axe to create a powerful tornado.


“Whopper Chop” is Orneze’s special move, which gathers up all of her power to attack everything.

■ More Information About Class Changes


As previously announced, the male and female protagonists have the ability to change classes. There are five classes available to players: “Warrior,” “Martial Artist,” “Mage,” “Priest,” and “Thief.” Players start in the Warrior class, but will be able to change classes by progressing through the story. Level and Skill Points are applied separaetly for each class, so your level for each first time in a new profession will be Level 1.

The battle-time actions and learnable skills for each job class differ greatly. If you’re a Priest, you’ll learn skills that will recover your party, and if you’re a Martial Artist, you can learn powerful attack sills. Since the weapons for each class are also different, by raising the Proficiency of your weapons, you’ll be able to learn more diverse skills. Also, there are some skills that go beyond the class and increase the protagonist’s attribute values.

Major Changes Due to Class Change

  • Level and attribute value change
  • Weapons that can be equipped change
  • Actions that can be used in battle change


Benefits About Changing Classes

  • You can learn class-specific skills
  • You can change how you fight according to the characteristics of the battle
  • You can learn skills that raise your attribute values beyond the class


Dragon Quest Heroes II sarà disponibile a maggio in Giappone su PlayStation 3PlayStation VitaPlayStation 4 mentre non è stata fatta alcune menzione alla possibile uscita europea di questo titolo.

Fonte: Gematsu

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