Dragon Quest Heroes II – Nuove informazioni e immagini del gioco, pubblicato il trailer della live di oggi

Domani le PlayStation 4PlayStation 3PlayStation Vita giapponesi si arricchiranno con il rilascio di Dragon Quest Heroes II: The Twin Kings and the Prophecy’s End, nuovo capitolo di questa serie musou che fa da spin-off alla trentennale saga di Square Enix. Il gioco, che ricordiamo nasce dalla collaborazione della compagnia nipponica con Koei Tecmo, è stato affidato alle cura di Omega Force che in collaborazione con Armor Project Bird Studio si prefigge di mantenere gli ottimi standard del primo capitolo.

■ Giant Monster vs. Giant Monster

While you can enjoy battles against giant monsters in Dragon Quest Heroes II, there is a giant monster battle of event greater scale present. To take down a super giant monster whose height reaches the heavens, the protagonists will send out a super giant monster of their own in a battle of never before seen intensity.

—The super giant monster Drakulard appears!


—And opposing him, the super giant monster Altas!


—With his overwhelming physique, he tramples the groups of monsters beneath him.


—Atlas can even hit groups of giant monsters in one strike.


—It’s super giant against super giant. Who will be the victor?


(Qui trovate il video di gameplay dello scontro tra questi due mostri)

■ The Prophet

A great war broke out after 1,000 years of continued peace in the seven kingdoms, and the form of the mysterious enemy power has gradually become clear. According to the royal families of each country, there is a person wandering from country to country creating chaos with a horrifying prophecy. What is his aim? And who are the dreadful “Four Devas” that stand before the protagonists inching closer toward the truth? The mystery deepens.

—The “Prophet” that claims to have come from the Monstrea region visits the Queen of Kretia, leaving behind a horrifying prophecy.


—The Prophet visits the King of Daral and leaves behind a sword. What could be his goal?


—Having received reports from each country, the King of Zebion takes necessary precautions. Finding the prophet is the only way to discover the truth.


■ The Four Devas

The Four Devas are formidable foes that stand before the protagonists in their search for the truth. They are boss-class monsters with a level of power that sets them apart from other monsters. Only a true hero will be able to defeat them.


Dhuran can use fire-based attacks, as well as turn into a dragon.



Myushado swings its four arms at rapid speeds, cutting those who stand before it with sharp claws.

Hell Kaizer


Not only can Hell Kaizer handle high-class spells, it can also fiercly charge at those who stand before it.



Pruslas breathes fire through its mouth, and brushes away those that surround it with its giant club.

Oltre alle informazioni e le immagini di Dragon Quest Heroes IISquare Enix ha rilasciato anche il trailer dedicato alla live del trentennale della saga che si terrà quest’oggi e che potrete visionare anche sulle nostre pagine.

Via: Gematsu

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