Dynasty Warriors 9 – Immagini, informazioni e trailer del gioco per PC, PS4 e Xbox One

La cara Koei Tecmo questa mattina ci accoglie con ingenti aggiornamenti per quanto riguarda Dynasty Warriors 9, nuovo capitolo della famosissima saga che segnerà un nuovo inizio per il genere musou andando ad incrociarlo con le meccnaiche open world.

Dynasty Warriors 9, quindi, ci viene mostrato con nuovi personaggi e informazioni a cui vengono allegati anche una serie di trailer per ciò che ci attende in questa avventura il cui inizio è fissato al 13 febbraio 2018 su PCPlayStation 4Xbox One.

■ Characters

◆ Wei

Li Dan (voiced by Kousuke Toriumi)

Dynasty Warriors 9

He is a hardened veteran of Cao Cao’s army. Sometimes, however, he can be too easygoing which leads to confusion. He is talented in predicting the locations of enemy ambushes and traps.

◆ Wu

Lu Su (voiced by Taiten Kusunoki)

Dynasty Warriors 9

The second Chief Commander of Wu. Successor to Zhou Yu and mentor of Lu Meng. In a time when the restoration of the Han Dynasty was sought after more than any other solution, he had a plan to divide China into two territories.

◆ Shu

Huang Zhong (voiced by Yusuhiko Kawazu)

Dynasty Warriors 9

A warrior who grows more active the older he gets. He has the kind of carefree spirit that only comes with age, but also the severity of an experienced warrior. An unparalleled archer, his claim is that he never missed. He becomes one of Shu’s Five Tiger Generals.

◆ Other

Zhurong (voiced by Chizu Yonemoto)

Dynasty Warriors 9

The wife of Meng Huo. She claims descent from the legendary god of fire Zhurong. A determined fighter, she tends to mother all those around her. Like her namesake, she is straightforward and aggressive, but she also works hard at supporting her husband both in battle and in his rule as King.

Meng Huo (voiced by Yoshiyuki Kouno)

Dynasty Warriors 9

The King of Nanzhong. With a huge body and exceptional strength, he is not only the king of his land, but also its greatest warrior. He generally acts more on emotion than on thought. But regardless of his looks, he both loves and fears his wife.

■ System

◆ Open World

Encounters with Formidable Foes

While moving about the field, you may encounter powerful enemies that rush you in spite of your attacks.

Dynasty Warriors 9

If you defeat these formidable foes, you can get even more valuable items than usual.

Dynasty Warriors 9

A black-haired fox. It is probably a good idea to run away when you encounter more vicious animals than usual.

Dynasty Warriors 9

A rare, blue-haired tiger. If you are careless and enchanted by the beast, you are risking death.

Dynasty Warriors 9

A white-haired bear. If you are hit by just one powerful swings, great damage is unavoidable.

Dynasty Warriors 9


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