Dynasty Warriors 9 – Nuove informazioni sul gioco da Famitsu

Dopo aver svelato il personaggio noto con il nome di Man Chong, ecco arrivare nuovi dettagli da Famitsu per Dynasty Warriors 9, nuovo capitolo della saga musou che in questa occasione abbraccerà le meccaniche open-world e espanderà il suo gameplay.

■ Characters

Man Chong (voiced by Takashi Aoki)

  • Weapon: “Shooting Blade Spear”

The resourceful general of Wei. He makes skillful use of strategies and traps, and was frequently active in defensive warfare.

Zhou Cang (voiced by Chiharu Sawashiro)

  • Weapon: “Large Guillotine”

A former Yellow Turban. He reunited with Guan Yu after falling so low as to become a bandit, and became his loyal follower.

Sun Shangxiang (voiced by Emi Uwagawa)

  • Weapon: “Book”

Also known by the name “Archer Princess.” She is cheerful, lively, and unyielding.

Lu Xun (voiced by Kenji Nojima)

  • Weapon: “Twin Swords”

The resourceful general of Wu known as a genius. In the Battle of Xiaoting, he exerted himself as governor-general and defeated the Shu Han.

Lu Bu (voiced by Tetsu Inada)

  • Weapon: “War Halberd”

A brave general who rides the famous horse known as Red Hare. He mows down enemies with overwhelming power.

■ Mission Link System

The difficulty of missions required to advance the story will change based on the player’s actions.

For example, here are two ways to approach the same mission:

  • The Easier Way – If you break through the castle gate by using a ram car, it will take some time and effort, but you can easily destroy the gates. There is also an advantage in that you can invade the castle with ally soldiers alongside you.
  • The Harder Way – If you don’t use the ram car, you can invade the castle using a grappling hook, but then have to take on a large number of guards all on your own. To make up for the easy infiltration, it will be a tough battle once you’re actually inside.

■ Transport Units

You will encounter transport units all over the continent. By attacking transport units, you can get valuable items and money. Doing so may also affect future battlefields.

■ Misc.

  • In addition to requests and missions, occasional “encounters” will also occur.
  • You will encounter various wild animals, including wolfs, tigers, and pandas. Pandas won’t attack the player.
  • Locations such as The Great Wall of China, Jianning County, Guangzong County, and Xinye County will be represented through unique models.

Dynasty Warriors 9 sarà disponibile in Giappone come esclusiva PlayStation 4. Nessuna informazione è stata diffusa da Koei Tecmo sul possibile periodo d’uscita europeo del gioco e, soprattutto, sulle console dove uscirà.

Via: Gematsu

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