Final Fantasy Adventure – Informazioni sulla trama, personaggi, uscita occidentale e immagini

Square Enix ha aggiornato completamente il sito giapponese di Final Fantasy Adventure, remake del celebre gioco di ruolo action che fu rilasciato in origine su Game Boy. Questo titolo è attualmente in fase di lavorazione e il sito ufficiale ha indicato che sarà localizzato in inglese, un’informazione che apre ad un possibile rilascio in Occidente.

A conferma di ciò, troviamo anche un trademark recentemente registrato da Square Enix per un gioco che prende il nome di Adventures of Mana. Sicuramente maggiori informazioni potrebbero arrivare dopo l’uscita giapponese di Final Fantasy Adventure che, attualmente, è fissata entro la fine dell’inverno in corso su PlayStation VitaAndroidiOS.



Enshrined at the mountain’s peak is the worshiped Tree of Mana

The Tree of Mana that perceives all the power of the universe and grows on its energy

Legend says that those who touch the tree will obtain eternal power…

The Glaive Empire’s Shadow Knight is planning to use its power to conquer the world through slaughter and dismay

As “Battle Servants” of the Glaive Kingdom, the heroes are put to work by the Shadow Knight

For his own amusement, the Shadow Knight forces his Battle Servants to fight monsters in deadly combat

Each day, they’re taken from their jail to fight for their lives, and each day’s victory earns them just enough food to survive another day

But the injuries caused by repeated fights and the irrecoverable fatigue caused the Servants to fall one by one…

■ Characters



A young man who invaded Glaive Castle in order to defeat the Shadow Knight, but failed and was captured. Although put to work by the Shadow Knight as one of his “Battle Servants,” he decided to escape after the death of his friend Willy.



A girl who holds the key to this story. She accepts the destiny imposed on herself and lives with courage. She specializes in Cure magic. She feels the hero’s kindness and is gradually attracted to him.

Shadow Knight


An extremely unjust man who attempts to conquer the world through slaughter and dismay with the power of the Tree of Mana. There are rumors he once hung his father, who ruled his country, in order to become king.



A Gemma Knight who once fought against the Vandole Empire, but currently lives as a woodcutter in a cabin under a waterfall. He has an occasional sharp eye that shows off his style as a Gemma Knight. Bogart’s swordplay is known in the world as “1, 2.”


A bird who, after hatching, sees the hero first and believes him to be his parent. The hero can ride him, and he’ll become a trustworthy companion.

Fonte: Gematsu

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