Final Fantasy XV – Nuove informazioni, immagini e Carbuncle Surprise per il gioco

Nuove informazioni e immagini sono state svelate per Final Fantasy XV, prossimo capitolo della serie che questo 30 settembre farà il suo debutto ufficiale su PlayStation Xbox One. Questa volta Square Enix ha rivelato alcuni dettagli sui personaggi secondari, negozi, informazioni, dialoghi e combattimenti.

■ Characters

Ravus Nox Fleuret

Lunafreya’s older brother. He was once a man of the Tenebrae Kingdom, but now belongs to the Niflheim Empire.

Ravus also appears in the feature-length CG movie Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV.

Iris Amicitia


Gladilous’ younger sister. She escaped the Capital City after it was attacked by the Niflheim Empire and is now living in the city of Lestallum. She has known Noctis and Ignis since she was a child, and is a trusted friend. She is a strong girl at her core who can still be positive even in a tough situation.

Iris appears as a child in “Episode 3: Sword and Shield” of the five-episode anime special Brotherhood: Final Fantasy XV. In Final Fantsay XV, she appears as a grown woman.

■ Dialogue Choices


During the story and on your journey, there will be conversations that require you to select an answer from multiple responses. How the conversation plays out and the contents of the parameters you obtain will change based on your response.

■ The All-Important Shops


Various shops are scattered throughout the world of Final Fantasy XV. Stores have a distinct look depending on where they’re located, and you should also take note of what they have in stock.



Shops sell the various items that are indispensable to your journey. From Potions that recover health to ingredients necessary for cooking and so on, just looking at all the different things you can buy is fun.

Information Brokers


Diners, where you’ll recover from the hunger that builds up on your journey, are not only where you’ll eat meals, but they’re also a convenient place to obtain information and take on subjugation quests (Mobhunts).

Weapon Shops


These are shops that deal mainly in weapons. Since the weapons offered differ based on the location, you should of course drop by new shops you discover to check for new weapons.

Gas Stations


Your car is your main method of travel in Final Fantasy XV, and since the car becomes immobile when it runs out of gas, you should regularly stop at gas stations to fill up the tank.

■ Mobhunts


In addition to the main quests that affect the progression of the story, there are also a variety of side quests along the way. From information brokers, you can take on “subjugation quests’ known as Mobhunts. Through these quests you can obtain rewards that you can’t get anywhere else, as well as take on formidable foes. The quests you take on are up to you.

■ Battle / Link

Co-op skills called “Links” will automatically be triggered when certain conditions are met during battle. There is a great variety of variations per character.

Link Attack / Ignis

Noctis kicks up the spear he is holding in his hand, and at the same time Ignis jumps high up into the air and catches the spear before stabbing down at the enemy to deal great damage.

Back Attack Link / Gladio

If you successfully attack the enemy from behind, a Back Attack Link with Gladio can be triggered. Gladio grips Noctis’ hand and vigorously lifts him up for Noctis to deal damage from the air.

■ Battle / Command

In battle, in addition to “Links” where you borrow the power of your allies, players can provide their allies instruction via “Commands.” There are various types and effects for each character.

Star Shell / Prompto

By launching a bullet that glimmers like a star, it will attract the attention of the enemy and halt its movement.

Tempest / Gladio

Gladio swings his body while wielding a large sword and sweeps away the surrounding enemies. A followup attack from Noctis can be triggered with successful additional input.

Mark / Ignis

Ignis throws his daggers to create several targets indicating where Noctis should attack. Immediately following, Noctis quickly moves between each target to drives in his attacks.

Di seguito ecco il trailer Carbuncle Surprise che non sarà più un bonus di chi ha giocato all’ultima demo di Final Fantasy XV ma sarà disponibile anche per chi deciderà di prenotare il gioco tramite lo Square Enix Store.

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