Final Fantasy XV – Svelate le date per il Closed Test dell’espansione multiplayer

Square Enix ha announced ufficialmente alcuni dettagli per quanto riguarda l’espansione di Final Fantasy XV che includerà all’interno del gioco per Xbox OnePlayStation 4 il comparto multiplayer.

Questa espansione prenderà il nome di Comrades e sarà possibile provarla dal 3 all’8 agosto. Per accedere a questa fase di test di Final Fantasy XV: Comrades basterà possedere o il Season Pass del gioco o aver acquistato la Digital Premium Edition del titolo. Il download sarà disponibile sul PlayStation Store e Xbox Store il 2 agosto.

Closed Online Test Full Release
Playable Characters Create and control your own avatar. Save up to eight avatars. Avatars have growth elements. By defeating enemies and clearing quests, you will accumulate experience points and level up. You will also be able to control Noctis, Gladiolus, Prompto, and Ignis through regular updates.
Avatars Choose from a limited selection of parts prepared for the closed online test to customize your avatar. By purchasing exclusive items at the base and receiving quest rewards, customization parts will increase. New parts will also be added through regular updates.
Base A specific base is being prepared for the closed online test. Special tutorial content is also being prepared. A town different from the closed online test version’s base will be the setting. Base functionality will significantly increase. (Please await further information.)
Weapons In the closed online test, sword, mace, dagger, and shuriken type weapons are being prepared for your avatar to use. They have different attack variations from Noctis’ use of them. Three weapon types—spears, crossbows, and shields—will be added. These also have different attack variations from Noctis’ use of them. There will be an abundant variety of abilities attached to weapons. Weapons will have experience points and levels, which can be raised by meeting certain conditions. (Please await further information.)
Protection of the King A key item. In the closed online test, you will receive it as a quest reward, but cannot use it. A unique element. Your avatar can receive the protection of the previous kings and exhibit special abilities. In the closed online test, it has four protections from the start, and you can equip one from among them. (Please await further information.)
Quests In the closed online test, you can select one from among three quests at the start, and play up to three consecutive battles. Since the purpose of the closed online test is technical verification, the matching process is always performed. You cannot take on quests on your own. In the full version, the types of quests will increase, the story will develop, and there will also be single-player quests. You will be able to play multiplayer with up to four players online, but a PlayStation Plus or Xbox Live Gold membership will be required. Those who are not a member of PlayStation Plus or Xbox Live Gold will be able to play with three AI comrades.
Meals During a quest, ingredients can be taken back one per person. After you clear the quest, the cook of your camp will use those ingredients to prepare a meal. In the full version, several cooks will appear. The effects of meal will also significantly increase.
Meteor Fragments A key item. In the closed online test, you will receive it as a quest reward, but cannot use it. You can pick up Meteor Fragments during quests. By using these fragments, base functionality and the number of quests you can receive will increase. (Please await further information.)
Other Systems Multiplayer users can communicate via symbol chat (fixed text). If you have the proper equipment, voice chat is also possible. The following functionality will be implemented in the full version: camp creation / union functionality for friends, symbol chat (fixed text) customization and type additions, player evaluation system after clearing quests, photographing system, etc. (Please await further information.)

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