Fire Emblem Warriors – Gli sviluppatori parlano di modalità difficile, permadeath e tanto altro

Omega ForceTeam Ninja stanno collaborando nuovamente per realizzare un nuovo musou dedicato ad un franchise di Nintendo.

Infatti, dopo Hyrule Warriors ora i due sviluppatori giapponesi stanno realizzando Fire Emblem Warriors, il musou dedicato alla saga di Intelligent Systems, che sarà disponibile in autunno su Nintendo SwitchNew 3DS.

In una recente intervista gli sviluppatori hanno parlato di alcuni aspetti specifici di Fire Emblem come la perdita dei personaggi, la permadeath e molto altro:

On hardcore mode and losing characters…

Hayashi: We know Fire Emblem fans are both hardcore and casual players, and much like we have options for both in the Fire Emblem series, we also offer [a hardcore mode] in this game. You can choose a more difficult mode where you have to think strategically or else you’ll lose characters, or a more casual mode where you will not lose characters.

On permadeath…

Hayashi: Maybe not in the same way as the main Fire Emblem games, but in a way that might make more sense for a Warriors game.

On how they chose which characters to add to the game…

Masahiro Higuchi, Intelligent Systems: When we were selecting characters for the game we definitely put strategy first, and that came down to weapons with sword users, axe users, and lancers. We wanted to choose characters that would make up the classic classes and add tactical elements for the gameplay.

On appealing to fans of the series when choosing characters…

Hayashi: We really wanted to choose characters from around three games that make sense from a fan perspective. That’s why we chose Shadow Dragon, Awakening, and Fates to focus on.

On the possibility of a player-created protagonist…

Hayashi: We talked about it at the start of development, but we decided the story would be more about the heroes from the other games. We made two protagonists who were a bit younger in age because we wanted the heroes to lead them.

On Shadows of Valentia’s release and remaking older games…

Higuchi: We don’t have concrete plans for any more remakes, but if the opportunity arises, I’d love to do a remake of Famicom Wars.

Via: Nintendo Everything

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