Hokuto ga Gotoku – Hokuto no Ken per Master System presente nel gioco, nuove immagini e informazioni

Ancora materiale da parte di SEGA per Hokuto ga Gotoku, attesissimo titolo dedicato a Ken il Guerriero che è attualmente in fase di sviluppo. Dopo il filmato di gameplay dello scorse ore, ecco che tramite il sito ufficiale del gioco sono state mostrate nuove immagini con allegate informazioni su questa esclusiva PlayStation 4.

All’interno di Hokuto ga Gotoku, inoltre, sarà presente la possibilità di poter giocare a Hokuto no Ken per SEGA Master System come potrete apprendere nelle informazioni di seguito riportate:

■ Story

In the year 199X, the world was engulfed in nuclear flames! The oceans have dried and the earth had split, and it seemed as though all forms of life were annihilated. However, humanity was not destroyed!

Kenshiro, the successor of the Isshi Souden no Ansatsuken and Hokuto Shinken martial arts styles, was defeated by Nanto Seiken user Shin, and his beloved fiancee Yuria was stolen from him.

In order to take back Yuria, Kenshiro rose again. When he attacked the lone Shin’s castle, he defeated him in a battle to the death and got his revenge. However, after the fierce fight, Shin revealed the shocking truth of Yuria’s death.

Kenshiro was knocked down to the depths of despair, and wandered the wasteland. However, one day he heard a rumor that a woman named Yuria is alive. It was just a rumor with no basis. But for Kenshiro, it became his only living hope.

Kenshiro searched for “Eden,” the city where Yuria was said to have been heading. He tread upon the vast wasteland that forbids the existence of life.

“I want to see Yuria.”

With only that thought in mind when overcoming a fierce sandstorm, a huge city appeared. It was the city of miracles, “Eden.”

A strange, dome-shaped structure towered over the city. The city spread out at its base was closed off behind a solid wall.

People swarmed the outside of the city gate seeking water, food, and supplies. But the Garrison that defends the gate are like puppets without compassion, who only stand to block their way.

Yuria may be in this city. Kenshiro, who had made his resolve, decided to take unexpected action in order to get into the city…

There were bandits taking aim at those gathered in front of the city gate.

The bandits repeatedly robbed and murdered, regardless of whether their target was woman or child. While the Garrison watched over the situation, Kenshiro used his Hokuto Shinken fighting style to defeat the bandits one after the next.

The Garrison was frightened by the mysterious Ansatsuken that caused people to explode. As a result, one man suddenly pointed a gun at Kenshiro. That man was Jagure, the commanding officer of the Eden Garrison.

Jagure, who detests warriors, captured the suspicious Ansatsuken-using Kenshiro and threw him into a prison beneath the city as a criminal. Just what Kenshiro had hoped for…

Kenshiro planned to break out of prison at night. Escaping the underground, he immediately ran into a young woman living in the city.

She was a woman suspicious of Kenshiro’s jailbreak. Kenshiro spoke frankly and told her that he broke out in order to search for someone. Then the woman said, “You should win the prisoner fight.”

The prisoner fight… Killings and a show held by the prisoners in the city once a month. If you win, it is said that you can make a request to the city’s leader.

In order to find Yuria, Kenshiro chose to win his freedom rather than be chased down as a criminal. He returned to prison in order to participate in the prisoner fight…

The following day. Criminals gathered at the coliseum in the center of the city. From warriors who cannot stand but to kill to ruffians whose only dreams are to sleep with women… Kenshiro was thrown into a crowd of hopeless clowns.

However, after getting rid of the low-ranks with his overwhelming power, the last opponent of the show made an appearance. It was the incarnation of the devil that lives beneath Eden, a monster known as Devil Rebirth.

“Prisoner fights are just public execution,” Jagure muttered, chuckling from his seat in the coliseum.

Everyone in the coliseum believed that Kenshiro would die. But Kenshiro was different…

A few minutes later, the people of Eden witnessed an impossible scene. Kenshiro defeated Devil Rebirth, who is overwhelmingly bigger in size when compared to Kenshiro.

The audience broke out into a frenzy while making a loud rumble. Jagure, dumbfounded and without words, approached Kenshiro with the city’s leader.

A beautiful woman in a white dress. The coliseum fell silent at the appearance of their leader. That woman was the same woman in the city who told Kenshiro of the prisoner fight the night before.

“What do you want from this Eden?”

“I want to see a girl named Yuria, who is in this Eden… That is all.”

■ Characters

Souther (voiced by Hiroki Touchi)

A man who calls himself “Emperor,” he is one of the characters who reigns supreme in these turbulent times. He is the sole successor of the Nanto Houhouken martial arts style, and the strongest Nanto Seiken user. His excessive pride, which looks down on other warriors as lesser, seems to be come not only from his combat ability, but also from a big secret he holds.

Jagi (voiced by Hidenari Ugaki)

One of Kenshiro’s brothers who studied Hokuto Shinken. He is envious that Kenshiro was selected as the successor of the Hokuto Shinken fighting style, and dislikes the existence of a younger brother superior to an older brother. He wears a strange helmet and has seven scars on his chest like Kenshiro. He is an unpredictable man with madness in his eyes.

Uighur (voiced by Naomi Kusumi)

A man who runs a prison called Cassandra, where it is said that once you’re in, there is no getting out alive. The legendary “Impregnable Cassandra” is accomplished by this man’s overwhelming power.

Nadai (voiced by Masato Obara)

The founder of Eden who discovered the sphere city. He achieved frequent feats in his lifetime, building up Eden in a single generation, putting together the walls and Garrison, and so on, but died suddenly several years ago. It seems that even now he is worshiped in Eden as a hero.

■ Adventure

During adventure parts, you can experience the charm of a new Kenshiro never before seen in the numerous Fist of the North Star titles. Like the Yakuza series, adventure parts are fully loaded with numerous play spots and side missions. There is day and night in “Eden, the City of Miracles,” where there are markets called bazaars and red-light districts glowing in neon, and you can even play at various spots in the vast “wasteland” outside of Eden. Enjoy your century’s end life as Kenshiro!

Hyahhaa Rally

You can explore the wasteland outside of Eden by riding a buggy. By collecting various materials, you can customize and upgrade your buggy. By upgrading your buggy, its exploration range will also expand. However, be aware of the dangerous outlaws that have formed factions and may attack. Also, by participating in rally races held in the wasteland, you can get various rewards.

Bartender Ken

A mini-game where Kenshiro becomes a bartender and serves customers. Skillfully serve up alcohol in response to the situation and problems of the various customers that show up at the bar.

Death Batting

A mini-game you can play at an old baseball field in the wasteland. Using an iron pole, hit a home run using the bike-riding scoundrels that come your way as balls. This is the Fist of the North Star version of the batting cages.

Kenshiro Clinic

Kenshiro wears a white robe and cures people by way of “pressure point treatment.” This is a rhythm action-style mini-game. Press the buttons with good timing to skillfully treat the patient. However, some of the patients that come to the clinic are scoundrels. In order to keep the peace in Eden, their “treatment” is necessary.

Black Suit Kenshiro

The “Nightclub” is a symbol of Eden’s nightlife and one of its greatest amusement facilities. At this nightclub, Kenshiro will don the black suit. Protect the nightclub’s proceeds and public order until the very end. Deal with customers who get drunk and act violently in a way that only Kenshiro can.

Sega Mark III (Sega Master System) Version of Hokuto no Ken

When exploring the wasteland, you can excavate a “Game Machine and Game Cabinet,” relics of the civilization of the old world. By taking the excavated game back to Eden, you can play it. In Hokuto ga Gotoku, you can play the Sega Mark III version of the 1986-released side-scrolling action game Hokuto no Ken.

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