Hollow Knight: Silksong – Disponibili alcuni dettagli sui personaggi del gioco di Team Cherry

Con un post che celebra l’arrivo della versione retail del gioco, tra cui quella da collezione disponibile tramite Fangamer, e il secondo anniversario del lancio di Hollow Knight, i ragazzi di Team Cherry hanno pubblicato diverse informazioni riguardanti il loro prossimo progetto.

Naturalmente stiamo parlando di Hollow Knight: Silksong e i dettagli rivelati sono in merito ai personaggi coinvolti all’interno della storia di Hornet:

Right up front, we have to say a very quick, a very sincere thank you to all of you and your response to Silksong’s surprise-announce. Keeping a secret like that for 2 years is crazy tough! And the enthusiasm and passion from the community and fans is the world’s best reward. We’re right now working double-hard to make Hornet’s big adventure the giant, sprawling, surprising journey, you deserve.

But today is a speed update! So we’re not going into lavish details, or revealing new game features. Instead, we’re doing a quick-dash-intro to a few of Hornet’s friends and rivals, an all new cast of wild, strange bugs within a vast new kingdom – the haunted land of Pharloom.

Hornet will wake in this withered land, a kingdom dedicated to faith and pilgrimage, crowned by an enormous, shining citadel and bursting with weird and wonderful creatures.

A lithe fencer wielding a gilded pin, the traditional weapon of Pharloom. Lace is a dangerous foe, cloaked in mystery, who’ll delight at causing Hornet’s swift, skewered demise.

Fierce and intimidating, Shakra is a warrior seeking her master, who vanished under strange circumstances. Shakra’s clan are skilled fighters who can handle their own in the kingdom’s wilds. Usefully for Hornet, each member of the clan also hones a Craft-Skill and Shakra’s mastery of cartography will prove invaluable on Hornet’s adventure.

Master of the Stage, the Brush and the Voice, the flamboyant butterfly Trobbio seeks fame and adoration throughout Pharloom.

An optimistic pilgrim on a spiritual journey. Sherma’s path may often cross with Hornet’s own, but his lack of combat and acrobatic prowess can land him in desperate need of aid.

Garmond and Zaza
A rambunctious older bug and his noble steed, on a quest to discover a new home. Garmond may be the chattier of the two, but Zaza could be the real brains of the pair.

Hollow Knight: Silksong è atteso per quest’anno su PCNintendo Switch.

Fonte: Team Cherry

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