Lost Sphear – Disponibili nuove immagini e informazioni sul gioco

Square Enix ha diffuso tantissimi dettagli del nuovo gioco di Tokyo RPG Factory, ovvero Lost Sphear. Insieme alle informazioni sono state pubblicate anche molte immagini tra artwork dei personaggi e screenshots delle diversi fasi di gioco come combattimenti, esplorazione e enigmi.

Lost Sphear è in sviluppo per PCPlayStation 4Nintendo Switch:

■ Characters


  • Age: 54
  • Weapon: Staff

A mysterious man. Upon the awakening of Kanata’s “power of Memory,” Obaro was freed from a seemingly eternal state of Lost (when one’s existence is erased) and came back into existence.

Obaro calls himself “Armored Man” of the human race one generation ago, and furthermore says that he is a king, but the truth of that is unclear.

While heavily regretting the actions he took in the past, Obaro decides to accompany and assist Kanata, who freed him from his Lost state and whom he believes to be the savior who will lead the world to the way it should be, in order to help him.

Contrary to the physical strengths of Kanata and his friends, Obaro specializes in unleashing powerful elemental magic, demolishing large enemy mobs.

—By making full use of his magical power, which has not weakened with age, Obari attacks using powerful magic.


  • Age: 15
  • Weapon: Bow

A battle priestess of a clan called the “People of Twilight,” who live in the sacred mountains of Rahito.

Since ancient times, it has been believed that they can talk to monsters. It is also rumored that they are the cause of the world’s Lost phenomenon.

Even among the magic users of the People of Twilight, the magical power of the one chosen as the battle priestess is immeasurable. In heal magic, especially, there is no one superior.

Contrary to her appearance, Sherra has high physical ability and is a master of the bow, the height of which matches her own.

Sherra’s bow is a traditional bow of similar range to Locke’s crossbow. However, while Locke uses crossbows and tinkers with mechanical crafting, Sherra specializes in heal magic and various bow-related abilities.

—Sherra uses powerful healing magic, as well as various bow-based skills.

■ System

The Vulcosuit

The Vulcosuit is mechanized armor gifted to the people from the ancients that existed long ago. It significantly enhances the abilities of its pilot, has a unique function called “Paradigm Drive” specific to each Vulcosuit, and is an overwhelming presence on the battlefield. Although it is an extremely valuable weapon, Kanata and company, who are working with the Empire and pursuing the mystery of the Lost phenomenon, will acquire their own Vulcosuits by chance.

When piloting the Vulcosuit, all actions use VP. (Editor’s Note: English screenshots released earlier this week show VP, while today’s Japanese screenshots show EN, which stands for Energy. We’re guessing VP stands for Vulcopoints, or something along those lines.) The VP Gauge is shared among the party, and when reduced to zero, the party members piloting Vulcosuits are forced to disembark. VP can be restored by resting at the inn.

—The VP Gauge is displayed in the lower right of the screen. Here it is at full capacity.

—Performing Vulcosuit-specific actions will reduce the VP Gauge.

—If your VP Gauge is reduced to zero, you will be forced to disembark from the Vulcosuit, even during battle.

Vulcosuit Characteristics – Area Map

As long as you have VP, you can freely pilot and disembark from your Vulcosuit on the world map and area map.

By using “Boost” on the area map, your movement speed increases for a fixed period of time, allowing you to move without encountering enemies.

The power of the Vulcosuit can also be used to remove obstacles blocking your path, clearing the path forward.

Vulcosuit Characteristics – Battle

By building up a character’s ATB gauge, that character can pilot the Vulcosuit by consuming half of their ATB gauge.

When piloting the Vulcosuit, your stats, such as attack power and defense power, significantly rise.


An original Vulcosuit encountered at the armored castle Lagunes, which activated in response to Kanata at first contact. It has superior communication functions compared to other Vulcosuits, and can link its data with the Vulcosuits it is acting alongside.

Its Paradigm Drive is “Co-Op,” which allows it to trigger a powerful collaboration technique by linking up with the another character piloting a Vulcosuit.

—A Vulcosuit collaboration technique. There are techniques that can be unleashed with any party member, and techniques that require a specific party member..


Just like Kanata’s Fadiel, Legrufa is an original Vulcosuit encountered at the armored castle Lagunes, which activated in response to Van. Its special trait is its support for Van’s exclusive weapons known as Bits.

Its Paradigm Drive is “Divine,” which expands the Bits to the sky and activates when an ally or enemy performs an action that satisfies its conditions. Said conditions and the resulting effect are determined by the type of Divine used.

—Galatine: Activate the Paradigm Drive immediately following a critical hit from an ally, and the expanded Bits will turn into a giant sword that swoops down on the enemies.

Traveling by Ship

While players could not travel by ship in I Am Setsuna, you will obtain your own ship in Lost Sphear, which you can use to travel to islands and new continents.

Various Mechanisms

In the various ruins left behind by the ancient civilizations of the world of Lost Sphear, there are often places with various mechanisms designed to keep out trespassers. It is necessary to overcome these mechanisms in order to solve the mystery of the Lost phenomenon.

Lost Sphear sarà disponibile dal prossimo 23 gennaio in Europa

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