Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order – Il nuovo gameplay è dedicato a Spider-Gwen

Nuovo giorno e nuovo video di gameplay dedicato a Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order da parte della redazione di Game Infomer.

Quest’oggi ci gustiamo il video dedicato a Spider-Gwen, ovvero l’alter-ego di Gwen Stacy, con tutte le sue abilità in combattimento per questo musou sviluppato da Team Ninja e pubblicato da Koei Tecmo:

Alias: Gwen Stacy

Comic Debut: Edge of Spider-Verse #2 (September 2014)

Bio: Born into an alternate reality, Gwen Stacy was actually bitten by the genetically-engineered spider that bite Peter Parker in the main Marvel timeline. Gwen used her newfound arachnid-like super-powers to start a career as a crimefighter, and the press quickly dubbed her Spider-Woman. In a tragic twist, Peter Parker was desperate to gain special-powers, much like his idol Spider-Woman, so he performed experiments on himself that turned him into a Lizard-like monster. Gwen was forced into a fight with Peter who accidentally died in the process.

Powers: Superhuman strength, speed, and stamina; wall-crawling; spider-sense; skilled fighter.

Game Abilities

  • Swing time: Gwen shoots a string of web into the air, then uses the momentum for a swing attack in the area. You can tap the attack button to lengthen the attack.
  • Legit Beatdown: Gwen creates a giant ball of web and swings it around her head in a circle, hitting enemies in an area.
  • Catchy Attack Name: Gwen releases multiple we blasts in front of her. You can tap the attack button to produce more webbing.
  • Disappearing Act: Gwen warps into the air above enemies and then slams to the ground unleashing a devastating shockwave. Players can hold the attack button to aim.

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order sarà rilasciato in esclusiva per Nintendo Switch a luglio.

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