Marvel’s Avengers – La demo ‘A-Day’ disponibile online tra il 26 al 30 agosto

Square Enix, nel corso del Marvel Games Panel del San Diego Comic-Con 2019, che la demo di gameplay di A-Day per Marvel’s Avengers sarà mostrata la settimana dopo lo svolgimento della Gamescom 2019.

La Gamescom 2019, ricordiamo, avrà luogo dal 20 al 24 agosto mentre la demo del gioco sviluppato da Crystal Dynamics verrà mostrata dal 26 al 30 agosto:

After an enthusiastic introduction, Greg Miller has invited Marvel’s Avengers Creative Director Shaun Escayg to the stage.

Shaun kicks things off with a game overview. Marvel’s Avengers is a story-driven, third-person action adventure game. Reassemble and rebuild your Avengers roster in the cinematic single-player campaign, then battle solo or online alongside friends in new missions around the globe.

Shaun: You’ll customize Earth’s Mightiest Heroes and then harness their unique powers to defend the world from escalating threats for years to come.

We know you’re excited for more post-launch details! More information on that at a later date!

Shaun is now showing us pre-alpha footage from the Prologue.

Shaun: We’ll continue to iterate and polish until we ship. Our story begins at A-Day, meant to be a celebration, but ending in tragedy.

And the A-Day demo has begun! We won’t live-tweet every detail as we’d like to keep some surprises!

First up, The God of Thunder! Thor is the first to arrive at Golden Gate Bridge to help civilians and deal with the masked men wreaking havoc. He performs a variety of heavy and light attacks, both on the ground and in the air.

Fan-favorite moments include Thor pinning an enemy in place with Mjolnir and leaving him suspended while finishing off other enemies with his fists. Calling his hammer back, Thor swirls it at an incredible speed to create a radial wind blast – one of his “Heroic” abilities.

Iron Man now flies across the ruins of the Golden Gate bridge, deftly dodging rockets as he speeds towards the threat. His pulsar blasts and micro rockets take out grounded and airborne enemies. Tony’s Heroic Unibeam Blast deals massive damage to a group of assailants.

Hulk’s up next, jumping out of the quinjet piloted by Black Widow. His goal is to take out the Pulsar Tanks causing massive damage below. Immediately upon landing, he picks up an enemy and uses him as a melee weapon against other nearby enemies. The crowd loves this move!

Fan favorite moment – after arriving at the Pulsar tank, Hulk picks it up, flips it over, and kicks the driver out of sight. We’re sure he’s fine.

As the other Avengers try to secure the Golden Gate Bridge, Captain America is investigating why the Helicarrier autopilot has activated. The helicarrier is infiltrated by enemies, and Cap takes them on with a barrage of melee attack combos.

We love Cap’s Heroic, which bounces his shield between nearby enemies and stuns them. His next move is equally impressive, with Cap slamming his shield to the ground and causing major damage to anyone in close proximity.

Back at the bridge, Black Widow confronts a newly arrived threat – Taskmaster – who brought a sonic disruptor bomb to the party. Taskmaster takes to the air, which doesn’t hinder Natasha’s pursuit. She jumps on his back and throws punches till the villain is grounded.

Back on (semi) solid ground, Black Widow attacks Taskmaster with her wide array of acrobatic abilities and weapons, including electrified batons. Her Heroic cloaks her with invisibility, allowing Natasha to best Taskmaster’s photographic reflexes.

Despite their efforts, the Avengers realize the real target wasn’t the bridge, but the helicarrier. The helicarrier explodes with Captain America on it, and sinks to the bottom of the Bay.

A-Day sets the stage for the rest of the game. Blamed for the tragedy, the Avengers disband. Five years later, with all Super Heroes outlawed and the world in peril, the only hope is to reassemble Earth’s Mightiest Heroes.

Shaun shares some super exciting news! The team is hard at work polishing our A-Day demo, and we’re going to release the footage online the week after Gamescom finishes.

Wrapping up the demo, Shaun confirms that this is the beginning of the game, and the first time that you’ll play as the Avengers, so it is an introduction to the heroes and how they control.

After you finish the Prologue, the world opens up, and using a reclaimed Helicarrier as your base of operations, you’ll launch single-player and co-op missions in hotspots around the globe.

Hall H is now getting a look at a short video as Shaun explains how you’ll customize the iconic Heroes with classic, fan-favorite, and all-new outfits.

You’ll also unlock powerful skills and new gear that suits your playstyle and explore a variety of environments filed with challenging missions.

Shaun is now clarifying a common question from online – this is a story-driven game, with certain missions designed for specific heroes, and many can be played using any available Hero in your roster.

In the post-campaign world, play missions with any available Hero in your roster to defend the Earth from escalating threats. We’ll have more details about the campaign and co-op play, and how it all works, in the future!


Hall H is now getting an exclusive look a handful of the in-game alternative outfits in Marvel’s Avengers, some inspired by over 80 years of Marvel history, and some all-new designs created by Crystal Dynamics.

Both Iron Man’s Original Sin Armor, and Hulk’s Joe Fixit suit are getting some love from the audience! Trust us – there are many more fan favorite outfits to come. With so many mega-Marvel fans in the office, there was lots of healthy debate on which to include.

One more surprise incoming. We’re working with Gentle Giant on a statue to be added to our collector’s edition!

Hall H are the first people in the world to see the statue, brought out by Bill Rosemann! A full-color 12” statue of Captain America hand-painted by the artisans at Gentle Giant Studios, the deluxe high-quality, PVC statue showcases the iconic hero standing proudly.

There will be more information on the collector’s edition, including when you can pre-order it, before the end of the year.

One final shout out—Square Enix is partnering with PlayStation to bring awesome surprises and unique benefits to the PlayStation audience, and one of these benefits is that the PS4 community can play the Beta first. We’ll have more details on our partnership in the months to come.

Ricordiamo che Marvel’s Avengers sarà rilasciato il 20 maggio 2020 su Google Stadia, PC, PlayStation 4 e Xbox One.

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