Mega Man 11 – Ecco nuove informazioni sul prossimo capitolo della saga

Dopo un lunghissimo silenzio ecco che Capcom ha annunciato ufficialmente Mega Man 11 esattamente due giorni fa. Il nuovo capitolo della saga shooter in 2D con protagonista una delle più famose icone dell’industria videoludica vedrà la luce il prossimo anno su PCPlayStation 4Nintendo Switch Xbox One.

Game Informer nelle ultime ore ha raccolto e pubblicato tantissime informazioni dedicati a Mega Man 11 che fanno luce sulle novità che saranno incluse nel gioco. Infatti la nota testata dedicherà la copertina di gennaio del suo prossimo numero proprio a Mega Man 11:

– New gameplay mechanic will impact Mega Man’s moment-to-moment action
– Little gear icons under Mega Man’s health plays into this
– Game Informer can’t talk about the feature just yet
– Slide move returns
– Oda understands the importance of controls, and that’s a focus for the game
– Changing the difficulty does more than change the health and damage output
– Extra platforms for platforming, less space between checkpoints, other support systems on easier difficulties
– Normal difficulty is intended to be a traditional Mega Man experience
– Pick the order in which you tackle the Robot Masters similar to past entries
– First Robot Master Game Informer found looks like he’s made of brick or stone
– Original Japanese name was Renga Man (Brick Man), but his character’s name has been changed
– Team wanted to go back to the original plot in which Mega Man fights against former allies
– This Robot Master’s stage has an Ancient Egypt theme
– Giant pyramids in the background
– Robot Master’s image can somtimes be seen on the side of the rock face
– Old excavation equipment shown on the giant mining site
– Area was modeled off destruction
– This means things being destroyed in front of you and destroying things yourself
– Capcom designed the pyramid level first
– Capcom believes this level will be the easiest to finish
– The sun will set in this stage, which may hint that levels evolve as you work through them
– Defeat the boss and you’ll get the ability to create blocks that fall out of the sky
– The ability is very useful against a specific Robot Master and some of his minions
– Capcom put a lot of thought into the relationship between the weapons and the Robot Masters that are weak against them
– Another level with a construction theme
– Boss here is hibernating underground
– Go through the huge construction site to reach him
– Level was inspired by real-life construction at Capcom during Mega Man 11’s conception phase
– Stage has creaking girders and conveyor belts
– Picket Man and Mets can be found here
– New and old enemies in the game
– 30% are fan favorites
– Midboss is a massive excavator driven by a Met
– The boss moves forward with spin attacks and fires construction cones like heat-seeking missiles
– Mega Man has to jump into the air and attack the driver’s cabin
– Can use the falling blocks ability by charging up to create a larger cascade of blocks
– Get a powerful physical attack that transforms Mega Man’s fist into a jackhammer spike by defeating the boss
– The attack can be devestating, and Capcom thinks players will find the mid-air dash attack useful in platforming
– Capcom is trying to design multiple uses into all Robot Master weapons
– Can use the right analog stick to hot-swap between weapons
– Producer Kazuhiro Tsuchiya has been saying since the beginning that Mega Man has to be a true resurrection of the franchise

Al momento non abbiamo ancora dettagli sulla possibile data d’uscita precisa di Mega Man 11.

Via: Nintendo Everything

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