Metal Max Xeno svelato ufficialmente per PS4 e PS Vita, ecco il vero nome di “True End of Century RPG”

Avevamo parlato qualche giorno fa di un gioco dal nome in codice di “True End of Century RPG” che sarebbe stato svelato oggi da Sony e così è stato. Stiamo parlando di Metal Max Xeno per PlayStation 4PS Vita come rivelato da Kadokawa Games tramite le pagine dell’ultimo numero di Dengeki PlayStation.

Metal Max Xeno è stato descritto come una “storia d’amore tra il protagonista e l’ultima vergine dell’umanità”.

Ecco lo staff del gioco:


  • Overall Direction: Yoshimi Yasuda
  • Director: Hiroshi Miyaoka
  • Producer: Juntarou Kouno
  • Music: Satoshi Kadokura
  • Character Design: Oda Non
  • Monster Design, etc.: Atsuji Yamamoto

Ecco alcuni dettagli riguardanti questo nuovo gioco per PlayStation 4PS Vita:

Game Content

  • The game is set in the year 209X in a country called Nippon (Japan—it’s spelled out in Katakana).
  • The protagonist is named Thalys. Half of his body is mechanized, and he has the power to take on powerful monsters on his own.
  • The heroine is named Toni. Her father was killed, but she was saved by Thalys and sticks beside him.
  • There is a mechanic named Yokki, who spends his days indulging in alcohol. His weapon is a huge wrench even bigger than himself.
  • The tank is called “Crimson Avenger R-Wolf” and is designed by Atsuji Yamamoto.
  • The enemy is “SoNs,” monsters whose aim is to eradicate all human life.
  • On the field, you an launch a preemptive strike at enemies by firing from your tank.

Developer Interview Tidbits

  • This is a tank and human RPG return to roots.
  • While Metal Max 4 cannot be called a sales success, Metal Max Xeno is a return to roots and a rebirth, in a series different from the numbered titles, that sweeps the slate clean.
  • The setup where Noah caused the great destruction and the Blood Corporation exists has not changed, but the time period is different.
  • The setting is built to give off the feeling of Tokyo.
  • The beginning of the game is “a journey where you will long see the destruction of mankind.”
  • There are bounties and tank customization. This will be the fullest entry in the series yet.
  • There are new elements such as a “Firing Mode” and an “Iron Base where the protagonist and company are set up.”
  • Your first playthrough is a huge tutorial. Your second playthrough is the real Metal Max.
  • Toni is “mankind’s last virgin.” The game may depict the “love between mankind’s last male virgin and female virgin. (Laughs.)”
  • You’ll be able to listen to the “WANTED” music track. There are also plenty of new songs, but a sufficient amount of old songs are also in the game.
  • Metal Max Xeno is the successor to the cancelled Metal Max: Wild Eyes.
  • They’re trying to make an entirely new series that uses the distinctive characteristics of previous Metal Max games.

A few more details have come in, via an official preview from Dengeki OnlineMetal Max Xeno is set in a ruined and desertified world, in which a story will unfold where mankind became an endangered species after being dominated by a mysterious mechanical force. The metropolis that is the setting of your journey is called “Death Tokyo.”

Via: Gematsu


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