Nippon Ichi – Il presidente parla di eventuali amiibo su Disgaea e nuovi giochi per Switch

Sohei Niikawa ha partecipato ad una sessione di Q&A su Reddit per parlare del futuro di Nippon Ichi Software e, soprattutto, del rapporto con Nintendo dopo il rilascio di Disgaea 5 Complete su Switch.

Il presidente della compagnia ha toccato alcuni argomenti come la possibilità di vedere gli amiibo di Disgaea e, addirittura, l’arrivo di altri giochi di Nippon Ichi, ad esempio Phantom Brave 2, proprio sulla nuova console di casa Nintendo.

On interest in a Disagea amiibo…

We would love to make a Disgaea amiibo. Let’s get a petition going! We’ll 1 million signatures! Hopefully that will get Nintendo on board.

On influences with the visual style/gameplay and future ideas for Disgaea…

Not one thing stands out in terms of being a big influence. We went with “we’ll do anything to make it fun” so we added a lot of different aspects to the game, hence the chaotic nature of the game.

We always want to add new features/mechanics to the game. We are always looking for more new ideas at NIS.

On plans for the next Disgaea game on Switch…

Most likely…

On a Phantom Brave sequel…

This was a story that I originally did not have a sequel planned for. However, there are many people at NIS that have asked this same question and some that even join the company with desires of creating a sequel. I would love to see these people get together and perhaps create a Phantom Brave 2.

On the biggest inspiration in creating Disgea…

I wanted to created Disgaea because…

After I created La Pucelle I was thinking about what to make next… Keep in mind, back then we were only capable of creating one game… Therefore we gave it our all into one title per year. (if it tanked our company would go down under…)

I thought really really hard because I had peoples lives on the line… and the answer I came up with was… やべぇ分かんねぇ(Translation: Crap, I don’t know)

So, I got together with the head game designer and head art director and decided on one thing: The game will be set in the Netherworld. I wanted a demon main character and by doing this we thought we would be allowed to do anything. (no morals, I guess)

Lastly, We combined our ideas that we thought would be fun and that’s how Disgaea was created.
Also, we didn’t really want to change the SRPG, we just wanted to do something different. We’re a small company away from the city, so we couldn’t compete with bigger companies in the city.

On Switch interest…

Currently we don’t have any plans to release past Disgaea games on the Switch, but if things go well with Disgaea 5 Complete, this is definitely something we would like to look into.

Via: Nintendo Everything

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