Playdius annuncia la sua line-up per la Gamescom 2017, confermata la presenza di Edge of Eternity

Playdius ha annunciato i titoli con cui presenzierà alla prossima edizione della Gamescom di Colonia, evento che si terrà dal 22 al 26 agosto.

Oltre al noto Edge of Eternity, gioco attualmente in fase alpha per coloro che hanno finanziato il progetto, Playdius mostrerà altri 10 giochi a cui si aggiunge un misterioso titolo non ancora annunciato ma di cui possiamo ammirare alcuni scatti in fondo alla news.

Come potete vedere dalla nota stampa pubblicata di seguito abbiamo tantissimi titoli per console ma anche per PC:

New Releases Coming in 2018

Away: Journey to the Unexpected

  • Platforms: PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Switch, PC
  • Release Date: Q1 2018
  • Developer: Aurélien Regard, Jim Gennisson
  • Genre: First-person “feel-good” adventure
  • Links: WebsiteFacebookTwitterSteam

Away is the new game from acknowledged French artist Aurélien Regard (The Next Penelope). It is a first-person feel good adventure game that combines action, negotiation and slightly roguish elements, presented in an animated style.

Progress through the levels and the story, choose your path, but above all, recruit allies. All the strange characters you meet in game can be played in first-person, and it’s up to you to find the right answers to get them to join your team!

Edge of Eternity

  • Platforms: PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, Mac
  • Release Date: Q2 2018
  • Developer: Midgar Studio
  • Genre: Strategic RPG
  • Links: WebsiteFacebookTwitterYouTube

Edge of Eternity is a Strategic RPG with dynamic turn-based combat, bringing together the Japanese and the Western traditions.

Edge of Eternity is currently in a very intensive production phase. Gamescom demos will be limited, on-demand only, and ruled by a strict NDA.

Key features include:

  • Vast open world consisting of three continents, three major cities, 15 dungeons game.
  • Core RPG gameplay consisting of exploration, combat, and loot.
  • Branchng main story and multiple sub stories.
  • Mature story based on an original world and complex characters.
  • Strategic and dynamic turn-based combat.
  • Massive battles with the players controlling armies in addition to their team.

New Releases Coming in Q3 / Q4 2017

BAFL: Brakes Are For Losers

  • Platforms: Switch, PC, Mac, Linux
  • Release Date: Q3 2017
  • Developer: Oudidon
  • Genre: Top-Down Hectic Racing
  • Links: WebsiteFacebookTwitterSteam

BAFL: Brakes Are For Losers is a top-down, single-screen racing game created as a tribute to good old games such as Super Sprint, Indy Heat or Super Off Road.

Compete in 10-plus unique tracks, full of funny details and surprising events. Each one takes you to a different setting, from peaceful Caribbean island to hellish underground, from fabulous Las Vegas all the way to the Moon!

Key features include:

  • Old-school top-down action.
  • 10-plus unique interactive tracks.
  • Eight funky cars.
  • Local multiplayer with up to eight players.
  • Solo and multiplayer Championships with car upgrades.
  • In-race events and dirty tricks.
  • Time Attack with World Ladders and Ghosts.
  • Badass soundtrack.
  • No. Brakes.

Boiling Bolt

  • Platforms: PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, Mac
  • Release Date: Q4 2017
  • Developer: Persistant Studio
  • Genre: Shoot ’em up
  • Links: WebsiteFacebookTwitterYouTubeSteam

Boiling Bolt is an immersive and explosive 2.5D twin stick shooter with breath-taking 3D graphics and stunning effects.

You play as June, a young rebel battling the slavers that took over the world decades ago.

Key features include:

  • Use your arsenal to cut through enemies (Plasma Whip, Thunder Lock, Warp Launcher, etc.)
  • Master the bullet time to achieve the highest score.
  • Different play modes (Arcade, Free Run, One Shot One Kill).
  • 30 Challenges to accomplish.
  • Play solo or in coop mode.
  • Customize your ship’s characteristics at the shop.
  • Enjoy dazzling 3D graphics, impressive special effects and 2D manga animation.

Old School Musical

Old School Musical is a retro rhythm game that will make you fall back in your childhood. Tib and Rob are the heroes of an epic and completely crazy adventure that will make them cross numerous worlds searching for the source of all bugs. With more than 20 original levels, a story mode, some hidden minigames and much more, Old School Musical offers a richer experience than most rhythm games.

Old School Musicial is back with a full new vision of the game, the core gameplay and the UI have been totally renewed since we last showed it.

Key features include:

  • Multiple game modes: story, arcade, scoring.
  • Solo or two players in “coopetitive mode.”
  • Soundtrack by world famous Chiptune artists (to be announced soon).

Strikers Edge

When medieval fantasy meets dodgeball! Strikers Edge is a ranged combat game where you play as ancient warriors battling on the fray. Hurl your spears and daggers and master your special powers to headshot your opponent down. Fight online or local.

Key features include:

  • Eight unique strikers, each with his own play style.
  • Play one-versus-one and two-versus-two matches online or local.
  • Four different arenas.
  • Competitive mode with ranked online ladder
  • Armory: Customize your character, weapon, banner and even crowd with unlockable items.
  • Twitch Integration: Streamers will be able to interact with their audience in specific ways when playing. Shootout from the crowd, choose a game mod… more information to come.

sU and the Quest for meaning

sU and the Quest for meaning is a hardcore platformer where the score is a puzzle.

The experience itself is divided into two distinct parts. On one hand, it offers a gameplay that focuses on quick reflexes and analysis of the environment. It scratches that satisfying itch by offering an experience that is always different: the levels are generated as you move around in them, changing in rhythm with the player. The game simply tasks the player with collecting as many gems as possible, thus reaching a high score that will allow him to unlock new levels.

The other part of the game offers a different experience that is completely opposite: each score of the player is a puzzle in itself. Solving those puzzles is tantamount to reaching the actual end of the game and making sense of the overall experience.

Consoles Releases, New Content, and Early Access Coming in Q3 Q4 2017

Hover: Revolt of Gamers

  • Platforms: PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Switch, PC, Mac, Linux
  • Release Date: Now Available (PC, Mac, Linux) / Q4 2017 (PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Switch)
  • Developer: Midgar Studio / Fusty Game
  • Genre: Parkour open world
  • Links: WebsiteFacebookTwitterYouTubeSteam

Experience the thrills of a fast-paced single and multiplayer parkour game. Join the Rebellion and deride the security forces of an anti-leisure tyranny. Rise up to the many challenges of a futuristic Open World. Assemble your team, enhance your gear and perform incredible tricks and combos.

Key features include:

  • Full Open World / Amazing City – Huge futuristic colorful city, breathtaking vertical playgrounds.
  • Build Your Team – 10 playable characters to unlock.
  • Various Gameplays – Core action based on nervous races and amazing tricks but many alternative ways to play from stealth missions to sport matches.
  • Solo or Online – Instantly switch from single to multiplayer.
  • Create Your Own Challenges wit a simple in-game editor.
  • Crazy Movements, tricks, and combos.
  • Experience, skill grid, and chips.
  • Epic Soundtrack by Hideki Naganuma and Cedric Menendez.

Pankapu: The Last Aegis

  • Platforms: PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, Mac, Linux
  • Release Date: September 2017
  • Developer: Too Kind Studio
  • Genre: Platformer
  • Links: WebsiteFacebookTwitterYouTubeSteam

Pankapu is a colorful action platformer in which you can transform freely from Warrior to Archer or Mage. Switch wisely between your three Aegis and master them in order to fulfill your destiny and defeat Gangreyn, the Prince of Nightmares.

After the release of its Prologue in September 2016, Pankapu is back with its last opus: The Last Aegis. The full game will be released on consoles and Steam in September 2017 with a new Aegis to switch to: the Mage. Release date and more info to be unveiled at the booth.

Key features include:

  • Action / Platformer in 2D, told like a tale.
  • Two parallel stories, between dreams and reality.
  • Three Aegis, acting like jobs, switchable in real time
  • Infuse your weapons with the power of dreams.
  • Poetic soundtrack composed by Ganaé and Hiroki Kikuta (Secret Of Mana).


  • Platforms: PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Switch, PC, Mac, Linux
  • Release Date: Now Available (PC, Mac, Linux) / Q3 2017 (PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Switch)
  • Developer: Splashteam
  • Genre: Splatformer
  • Links: WebsiteFacebookTwitterYouTubeSteam

Splasher is a fun and challenging 2D Platformer filled with humor and surprises. Armed with a paint cannon, you’ll face the dangers of the Inkorp mega-factory in order to save your companions, the Splashers.

Use different paint colors to stick to walls and roofs, bounce high in the air, trick your opponents and put an end to the despicable projects of the evil boss!

Key features include:

  • Fistful of Ink – Use different paint colors to stick to walls and roofs, bounce high in the air, and trick your opponents.
  • Master Challenging Levels – Brave the traps and beat the gigantic factory’s security devices. Learn from your mistakes to find the best path and get the best time in order to perfect the level.
  • Time Attack and Speedrun – Challenge gamers from around the globe with your best times, and share your scores on the leaderboards.

Post Human W.A.R.

  • Platforms: PC, Mac
  • Release Date: Q3 2017
  • Developer: Studio Chahut
  • Genre: Strategy / tactical
  • Links: WebsiteFacebookTwitterSteam

Post Human W.A.R is a turn-based, tactical and psychological strategy game set in an absurd and original post-apocalyptic world.

Post Human W.A.R is currently in Early Access.

Key features include:

  • An unforgiving gameplay with nothing left to chance and no seniority-induced imbalance: may the best strategist win!
  • Unmask your opponent’s champion: a psychological mind game mixing bluff and tactics.
  • An absurd and completely original post-apocalyptic background.
  • Various ways to play: solo campaign, local or online multiplayer, friendly or competitive.
  • Rich content, with three different factions and 36 playable units!

To Be Announced


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