PlayStation China Hero Project 2019 – Ecco una carrellata dei titoli presentati durante l’evento

Il PlayStation China Hero Project 2019 si è tenuto nella mattinata italiana relagandoci diversi titoli che saranno disponibili su PlayStation 4 (sia come esclusiva assoluta che console) nel corso dei prossimi anni.

Abbiamo riportato di seguito alcuni dei giochi più interessanti mentre per quanto riguarda progetti come Lost Soul Aside, già noto ai più, Pervader e Project Boundary questi sono stati dichiarati come in stabile sviluppo anche se non è stato mostrato nulla a riguardo:

Immortal Legacy: The Jade Cipher (PS VR)


Some mysteries are best left buried…

Unearth the disturbing truth behind an ancient Chinese legend in Immortal Legacy: The Jade Cipher, a heart-stopping virtual reality horror shooter, exclusive to PlayStation VR.

Crack intricate environmental puzzles and unleash high-powered weapons on ruthless mercenaries and hordes of experimental abominations in your journey to uncover the truth behind an evil organisation’s grisly experiments.

With total 360-degree freedom of movement, you can choose stealthy sneak attacks or go all guns blazing as you battle to unravel a deep and twisting story. Can you keep your nerve in a series of claustrophobic and nightmarish caverns filled with unspeakable terrors?

Key Features

Immersive Action – Fight for your life using everything from vicious melee weapons to guns and grenades, against terrifying creatures.
Gripping Story – Explore a perilous island to uncover a past steeped in Chinese myth and real history, complete with intricate environmental puzzles.
Unique Characters – Go on an unforgettable adventure with a varied cast of courageous heroes and powerful villains.

Hardcore Mecha (PS4 e PC)

Mufei and his lads and ladies founded the studio called Rocket Punch Games. This name is inspired by a very famous move from a retro Japanese mecha animation last Century. What they are doing now is the game called Hardcore Mecha. This title already attracted a lot of attention worldwide. Right now, it will be released on PlayStation 4 with brand new contents.

Their team is full of passion and clear objectives. You may realize this once you step into their “hideout” location in downtown Beijing. Everyone including Mufei clearly knows what kind of game they want to develop, that is to control the mecha you prefer and fight against each other. They even rewrote a part of engine add-ons to make sure the game can have more seamless animation performance.

To Mufei himself, he always forces himself to work with the team by using the highest criteria, also he’s lucky to have this team that everyone is a veteran and agrees with his idea, this is probably the reason Hardcore Mecha can attract so many attentions. In the predictable future, this title is absolutely the one for fans who love super robot games.

Lost Soul Aside (PlayStation China Hero Project website)

Yangbing never knew that Lost Soul Aside would be one of the China Hero Project selected titles when he put the very first demo onto YouTube, also he never knew the trailer he made can attract so many attentions amongst global users. Back in that time, his answer to those people was: it might take at least 1 decade to finish the title because he was doing this alone.

Now to users, they may not need to wait that long to purchase the copy of the game.

So Yangbing came back to China, founded his own company called Ultizero Games and started hiring people all over China to accelerate the process of development.

So now, Yangbing is not alone anymore. He already has a team which has more than 14 developers, also he has China Hero Project’s support. More and more people walk together during his journey, everything is becoming better than before.

Pervader (PlayStation China Hero Project website)

Pu An, the producer of Pervader, believes the full potential and talent of his artists, that can explain there are tons of toy figures or tools in the office. Now those artists are working on their latest title: Pervader. From tiny gameplay, facial motion capture to story board, everything is in every corner of the office, waiting for developers to find out and start a new round of discussion.

Pervader is under development by using Unreal Engine 4. Player will play different roles to experience the immersive crisis from various perspectives. Although they are using some advanced ideas for the title but they never forget where they are from. They add some decent Chinese cultural elements properly to make the game look familiar to Chinese users and interesting to overseas users.

Maybe the biggest difference between Pervader and other titles is the pace and the way they release those contents, but this is exactly the thing they want. Hope this title can bring more surprise in the near future.

Project Boundary (PlayStation China Hero Project website)

If China Hero Project is like a journey to the unknown nebula for finding those shiny new stars, then Project Boundary, the very first selected title which is developed by Surgical Scalpels Studio is the very first star. This PlayStation 4 title has attracted a lot of attention since its first announcement.

The studio remains a low profile but a high efficient developing pace after they have released the first trailer of this game. Frank, one of the founders of the studio used to work in UK for over a decade in the gaming industry, his engineering career helps him meet with other founders when he came back to China, they together then created the studio. Project Boundary itself also became more complete compared to its very first GDD and prototype.

Although the team is still busy developing which means audience may wait a bit longer to see more news, but the most important thing to the team is to create a completed and high quality content.

After becoming one of the selected titles of China Hero Project, Surgical Scalpel team can better perform their “surgery” with the benefit of China Hero Project including SIE and its related partners, in other words: by accomplishing the title they wish to ship: Project Boundary.

F.I.S.T. (PS VR)

Sony Interactive Entertainment Shanghai and Ancient Amulator VR developer TiGame have announced F.I.S.T. (working title), a dieselpunk metroidvania game for PlayStation 4 part of the second wave of PlayStation China Hero Project titles.

In Nightmare (PS4)

Sony Interactive Entertainment Shanghai and Magic Fish Games have announced In Nightmare, a horror adventure game for PlayStation 4 part of the second wave of PlayStation China Hero Project titles.

ANNO Mutantionem (PS4)

ANNO Mutantionem, the ThinkingStars-developed action RPG that first debuted at Sony Interactive Entertainment Shanghai’s ChinaJoy 2018 press conference, has joined the PlayStation China Hero Project lineup as part of the initiative’s second wave of titles, the company announced.

Evotinction (PS4)

Evotinction is a third person stealth game featuring unique hacking mechanics. A variety of hacking skills, environment devices and gadgets provide rich emergent gameplay. Set in the near future, Evotinction aims to discuss the relationship between evolution and extinction. As technology rapidly develops, its potential threat grows as well. Artificial intelligence, gene editing, and quantum entanglement are just a few emerging technologies that will challenge mankind’s understanding of life and morality. The trend can not be undone, how far will our species go with technology?


Sony Interactive Entertainment Shanghai and Loong Force, which is composed of staff with credits at major game companies, have announced Convallaria, a online game containing player-versus-enemy and player-versus-player elements for PlayStation 4 part of the second wave of PlayStation China Hero Project titles.


Sony Interactive Entertainment Shanghai and Palm Pioneer’s AI-TEAM have announced AI-LIMIT, an action RPG for PlayStation 4 part of the second wave of PlayStation China Hero Project titles.

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