Resident Evil 7: biohazard – Nuove immagini e informazioni sul gioco di Capcom

Capcom ha diffuso tantissime informazioni e immagini per Resident Evil 7: biohazard, prossimo capitolo della famosa serie che celebra il suo ritorno alle meccaniche survival horror dopo alcuni episodi che invece erano veri e propri sparatutto. All’interno di queste informazioni per gioco destinato a PlayStation 4PCXbox One e che riguardano i salvataggi, i puzzle, armi e molto altro ancora:

– Main character is named Ethan, who travels to Dulvey (Louisiana) to look for her missing wife
– RE 7 is not a zombies game anymore. This time is much more focused on psychological horror
– A new type of enemy called “Holoforms”
– They saw 3 different final bosses and really liked them. In one of these boss fights you have to drive a car
– Much more focused on exploration than previous RE games
– Inventory size is limited (e.g. shotgun takes two intentory blocks)
– Manual saving
– You can save as many times as you want, but once you complete the game for the first time, you unlock the “Asylum/Madhouse” difficulty, where saving is limited
– The number of ammo is quite limited, so most of the time you have to run away from enemies. Ethan can also protect himself from enemies attacks by using his arms or by binding down just before he’s gonna get hit
– Confirmed weapons so far: knife (first weapon you find), handgun, shotgun, magnum, flamethrower and chainsaw
– The members of the Baker family are “bullet sponges”, so you will need a huge amount of ammo to kill them. However, they can be stunned after a certain number of shots
– There are A LOT of jumpscares/scary moments
– A certain kind on insect will have a great importance/presence in one section of the game

Fonte: NeoGAF

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