Star Wars Battlefront – Han Solo, Leila e Imperatore trovati nei file della beta

Su Reddit un utente ha riportato alcune informazioni che ha scoperto dando uno sguardo approfondito ai file della versione PC della beta di Star Wars Battlefront.

Infatti, all’interno di questi file, come potete trovare di seguito, sono stati scovati i riferimenti a tre personaggi che non erano stati ancora resi noti di DICEElectronic Arts, ovvero Han Solo, Leila e Imperatore:

Battlefront (did some digging in beta files) found some heroes that haven’t been confirmed yet

Sorry for the mess of text, but read it, it’s worth it. 🙂

If you are on PC, find the location of the folder which is in program files, origin games, and battlefront, click on the data folder, then the win32 folder. Once in there, there will be a file called, “” after doing some searching, opening it with notepad, I searched for heroes by clicking Ctrl+F,

This is the list of all the heroes so far from what I can tell 🙂 *Luke Skywalker (obviously) *Darth Vader (obviously 🙂 *Boba Fett (also obviously)

Han Solo (search solo in that folder)

file directors in the notepad are proof enough sound/vo/heroes/hansolo/sw01_vo_heroes_hansolo_auto_inworld_killsbobafett

_rebel_gm_herohunt_radio_hansolospawn (WE ARE GETTING A FUCKING HERO HUNT GAMEMODE….maybe)

*Princess Leia

yup. heres some proof

_gm_herohunt_radio_leiadefeated sound/vo/heroes/leia/sw01_vo_heroes_leia_auto_inworld_killsvader


proof 🙂 sound/vo/heroes/emperor/sw01vo_heroes_emperor_auto_inworld sw01_vo_heroes_emperor_auto_inworld_forcepower1

Anyway, if you don’t believe me, take a look for yourself. There’s thing in the for all the heroes, as you see above, seems to be some force power for the emperor. 🙂 Way to hide this stuff EA. Thank me later, go take a look. If you make a video about it, please give me credit 😉 -TheeUberMedic

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! P.S. just discovered this in another file, /data/challenges/forest_chapter_25_herobattle


Also will be updating this later with a list of found vehicles and weapons. Stay tuned.

La beta di Star Wars Battlefront prenderà il via quest’oggi alle ore 19 mentre il gioco completo sarà disponibile dal 19 novembre su PCPlayStation 4Xbox One.

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