Tales of Berseria – Famitsu svela tantissime informazioni sul prossimo capitolo della saga

Tales of Berseria è il nuovo capitolo della famosa saga ruolistica di Bandai Namco che è tra i protagonisti del numero di questa settimana di Famitsu. La nota testata giapponese ha raccolto tantissimi dettagli per quanto riguarda questo gioco previsto per il prossimo anno in Europa su PCPlayStation 4:

The setting of Tales of Berseria is known as the “Wasteland.” The continent in the middle of this world is what eventually comes to be called “Glenwood,” which is seen in Tales of Zestiria.

Though it’s set in the same world, the world of the past in Tales of Berseria is completely different than that of the future. Place names such as towns and nature are all different from the future seen in Tales of Zesteria, too. But there are also places where you’ll be able to recall the culture and nature of the future.

Famitsu also has some details on the battle system. Entering battle will follow the same smooth transition as seen in Tales of Zestiria, with the aim of further improving operability and field of vision. As previously detailed, you’ll be able to activate Artes which can be registered to the Circle, X, Triangle, and Square buttons. Through this configuration, you will be able to trigger and coordinate various Artes based on your play style and the order that you press buttons.

A few keywords were also shared:

  • Gomabyo – A disease that transforms humans into monsters. Many of those affected by the illness are reduced to violence and attack others, but there are some who manage to keep their sense of reason.
  • Goma – Things that transformed humans into monsters. Animals, for example, can be Goma that carry the Gomabyo disease.
  • Seirei – A race that deals with artes that use the power of nature. Most of them are not self-conscious and are used as familiars by humans. Your ally Laphicet is part of this race.
  • Scarlet Night – The night of the scarlet moon. It is said to have some sort of connection to Gomabyo.

While details are unknown, these three key items supposedly have a deep connection to the story and characters of Tales of Berseria: “Compass,” “Comb,” and “Apple.”

Finally, the magazine reveals that Matsumi Inomata, Kosuke Fujishima, Daigo Okumura, and Minoru Iwamoto—the same character designers for Tales of Zestiria—are the character designers for Tales of Berseria.

Fonte: Gematsu

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