Tales of Berseria – Immagini e informazioni su personaggi, sistema di combattimento, Souls e altro

Bandai Namco ha condiviso nuovissime immagini e informazioni per quanto riguarda Tales of Berseria, il prossimo episodio della saga ruolistica attualmente in fase di lavorazione. Quest’oggi la compagnia nipponica ci presenta due nuovi personaggi, e i loro intrecci con la protagonista Velvet, insieme ad alcune specifiche sul sistema di combattimento e le Souls:

■ New Characters


  • CV: Daisuke Kishio
  • Character Design: Daigo Okumura
  • Gender: Male
  • Age: 22
  • Height: 180cm
  • Weapon: Dual Swords
  • Battle Type: Two-Swords Swordsman


A cheerful and free-spirited young swordsman. He even approaches the passionate Velvet with an open attitude. A number of years prior, the Daemonblight disease broke out and he became a Daemon. But rather than get him down, he used that power in order to master his family’s traditional sword techniques and continued to walk his own path. While he’s a Daemon, he maintains rationale and tags along with Velvet. He unintentionally takes care of Laphicet and ends up being fairly good at it. While he carries his cherished long sword called the “Sword of Life” on his back, he stubbornly does not want to take it out. For this reason, he usually fights wielding a pair of daggers.


  • CV: Ami Koshimizu
  • Character Design: Kousuke Fujishima
  • Gender: Female
  • Age: 18
  • Height: 165cm
  • Weapon: Staff
  • Battle Type: First-Class Taimashi


A Taimashi who belongs to the “Seiryou.” As a first-class Taimashi, she runs about day and night in efforts to free the world from the Daemon threat. She is very serious and does not forget to be considerate of others, but there is a side to her that always tries to do the right thing. She tends to project her emotions easily because of her honest personality, but she is aware of her own immaturity and tries to devote herself to the heartless “truth.” Velvet bares her fangs at the Seiryou, and as a Taimashi who protects the world from Daemons, Eleanor will cross swords with her a number of times.

■ Character and Story Supplements

Velvet and the Seiryou


In Velvet’s quest for revenge against the savior, the Seiryou become an obstacle and her conflict against them deepens.

Velvet and Eleanor


As Eleanor is a Taimashi, Velvet bares her fangs against her and the two cross swords a number of times.

Taimashi and Malaks


The Taimashi employ Malaks and uses their power to fight Daemons. There are also Malaks that appear as non-human, but a common point about them is that “Malaks are people without ego.”

The Existence of Daemons


The many humans affected by the Daemonblight disease go berserk and attack humans, but some of them can stay rational. Development of the disease varies, as there are those whose appearances change, as well as those whose appearances do not change, just like Velvet and Rokurou.

Velvet and Rokurou


In the wake of a certain event, Rokurou accompanies Velvet in order to return a favor. While one side of Rokurou is possessed by a strong sense of duty, he is odd in that he for some reason stubbornly does not want to take out the “Sword of Life” long sword he carries on his back. He seems to be caring and often following around Velvet.

Laphicet and Rokurou


Before having any reason to, Rokurou takes notice of Laphicet and takes care of him. He shows his helpfulness by advising Velvet on how to handle Laphicet.

First-Class Taimashi Eleanor


A usually kind woman who does not forget to be considerate of others. As a Taimashi, she not only stands against the Daemon threat, but listens to the voice of the people and and puts effort into being their power.

Seiryou and the Taimashi


The Seiryou’s Taimashi are dispatched to various towns and harbors to protect the people from the Daemon threat and maintain order in the country. The people welcome them as heroes, and the Seiryou’s ideologies are gradually spreading among them.


People gather around the minstrels. Perhaps it’s thanks to the Seiryou, that even with fear of Daemons, that it appears the state of affairs is peaceful.


After coming across a Yak, Rokurou offers an explanation to Velvet. There are a variety of things to discover while walking around.


■ New Keywords


Holy warriors with the ability to battle Daemons. Using the power of Malaks, they use artes and fight to protect the people. The Taimashi are a heroic presence for the people suffering at the hands of Daemons.


To save the people from the Daemon threat, the Midgand Kingdom established the Taimashi. With its original intention to “bring order and peace by carrying out the truth,” it leads the kingdom’s politics and military affairs. The Taimashi is divided into classes based on ability. The head of the Taimashi is first under the Seiryou, followed by the Special Class, First Class, and Second Class.

■ Liberation-Linear Motion Battle System

Arte Links


With the ability to freely customize your “Arte Sets,” anyone can let out a variety of linked artes. The same as it’s been in the series so far, depending on how your artes are set, you could not only link and enjoy using artes, but once you’re used to the controls, you can more freely than ever link and unleash artes to meet the demands of the situation.

Arte Sets


You can freely set artes to suit your play style using the following rules:

  • Artes can be set to the Circle, X, Triangle, and Square buttons.
  • For each button, you can set four stages of artes (four artes per button).
  • You can set the artes freely in your favorite spots regardless of type or order.

Since the artes you set are linked in order from the first stage to the second, third, and fourth, you should set your artes to each button while considering the combination and order of the artes you want to link.

Also, since you can modify your Arte Sets even during battle, you can freely change them based on the situation. And because your sets are never tied down, you can customize it to meet your play style.

—Additional Information #1: As the game progresses, even players who aren’t used to Arte Sets can get a sense of how to combine the various artes.

—Additional Information #2: In the case that five artes are linked, the artes will start from the first stage in the set, and after reaching the fourth stage, revert to the first stage and continue.

Linking Artes

During battle, you can use the Arte Sets tied to the Circle, X, Triangle, and Square buttons. Artes are triggered from the first stage, and in the middle of a set, you can connect to a different set you want to link by pressing the artes’ corresponding button. As long as you’re within the amount of times you can link, you can link to any arte.

For example: You trigger the Triangle Arte Set. During its four-stage run, you can connect any of the other links by pressing one of the four face buttons. Based on the press order and combination, you can let out a variety of different patterns.


Regarding the number of links: The number of times you can link artes is determined by the amount of “Soul” the character possesses. The amount of “Soul” you possess correlates to the amount of times you can link artes. However, by using a still unannounced new element, it’s possible to link artes even past that limit.

Regarding link compensation bonuses: If you meet certain requirements and link artes, various compensation bonuses will occur. Consider the order and combination when linking for a more effective bonus. Since there is a chance that you’ll get an effect that increases your probability of stealing Souls, you should get familiar with the system and aim for bonuses.


Soul Gauge

The Soul Gauge is a new system that’s different from the TP (Technical Points) and CC (Chain Capacity) seen in the series so far. This gauge consists of “Soul” icons, the amount of which you have are represented by a light blue diamond-shaped icon.

  • I. Each character that participates in battle possesses “Souls.”
  • II. You can link artes with only the amount of Souls you posses.
  • III. Souls can be stolen from the enemy, and enemies can steal Souls from you.

You’ll start battle with three Soul icons, but can increase them by satisfying conditions during the battle.

Artes have a set amount of Soul Gauge points that they consume, and as you use them, your gauge will continue to decline. (One Soul is equal to 30 Soul Gauge points.) Even when your Soul Gauge reaches zero, you will still be able to use artes, but there are a variety of disadvantages, such as your attack being easily repelled. The Soul Gauge is automatically restored after a certain amount of time passes.


Stealing Souls: Both allies and enemies possess Souls, and you can steal them from enemies. The amount of Souls you have will always fluctuate in battle:

—Conditions for Increasing Souls During Battle

  • Defeat the enemy and steal their Souls.
  • Stun or inflict the enemy with a status ailment, then steal their Souls.
  • ??? (Reveal coming in a future update.)
  • ??? (Reveal coming in a future update.)
  • Use a specific item or somehow recover fallen Souls.
  • If a party member falls, or if you avoid an enemy attack with an Around Step, a Soul will pop out on the battlefield.

—Conditions for Reducing Souls During Battle

  • If you’re stunned or inflicted with a status ailment and the enemy steals your Souls.
  • ??? (Reveal coming in a future update.)
  • Instead of losing Souls, there is a special action that gives you an upper hand in the fight.

The maximum amount of Souls you can possess is five, and the minimum is one (you start the battle with three).

Successfully stolen Souls will fly towards the character in a bluish-white line of light.


Souls will drop down on the battlefield, which you can recover by touching during battle.


Successfully avoid the enemy with an Around Step and a Soul will pop out.


Basic Combat

  • Artes: Artes are attacks and magic techniques that you can use through assigned buttons. Artes are different for each character. Characters will continue to learn new artes as they level up. Artes can stun the enemy, inflict status ailments, hit weaknesses, and by considering the order and such that you unleash them, could help steal Souls from the enemy.
  • Souls: An icon-ification of your willpower and spiritual power that lets you link your artes based on the amount you possess. You can steal Souls from the enemy, and enemies can also steal them from you.
  • Guard: Defend yourself from an enemy attack to lessen the damage with L1.
  • Around Step: While holding down the L1 button, by flicking the left stick in any direction, you can perform an Around Step. This can be used to avoid an enemy’s attack or to move around quickly. There are bonuses to performing an Around Step with proper timing.

Character-Specific Battle Outline

Rokuro: An advance guard-type character who fights using two swords. He can use artes with various attributes.


Tales of Bereseria è atteso per quest’anno su PlayStation 4PlayStation 3 in Giappone. Per quanto riguarda l’Europa, invece, il gioco sarà disponibile non solo sulla console di attuale generazione di Sony ma anche su PC.


Fonte: Gematsu

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