The Legend of Zelda Maker – Rilasciata la versione Alpha del gioco

Ci teniamo subito a dire che non si tratta assolutamente di un progetto ufficiale di Nintendo, bensì del prodotto di un fan. Il titolo in questione è The Legend of Zelda Maker che prende ispirazione a piene mani dal recente Super Mario Maker che ha rilasciato proprio la grande N su Wii U.

Di questo Zelda Maker è stata rilasciata la versione alpha che può essere scaricata tranquillamente, mentre di seguito trovate tutti i dettagli che sono state diffuse insieme al video situato in fondo:

This video has been reuploaded because of a copyright claim on the Zelda Remixes that were used. I have reuploaded the game with some original music that might end up in the game, soon. Tell me what you think about it!

This is a progress update and an alpha release for The Legend of Zelda Maker. Feel free to download and share your let’s play experience or feedback. Constructive criticism is very much appreciated and necessary. Thank you for sharing my game and for all of the wonderful support you’ve given.

Zelda Maker (Temp) is a non-official project started by myself, which will allow players to create and share Legend of Zelda worlds of their own. Nintendo will cease and desist a project like this, so in time, when I’ve got the ability to change the sprites, I will do so, and I will also add things that Zelda games don’t have to make it a somewhat unique experience. Regardless, I won’t be acting like this isn’t going to be a Zelda (Maker?) clone, through and through. I’d just like to add some things that I think official Zelda games could use. This is a very early build of the game, and it does not represent what the final game will look like.

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