Toukiden 2 – Informazioni e immagini per i personaggi, città e annunciata una live per il 24 aprile

Il sito ufficiale di Toukiden 2 è stato aggiornato con una nuova valanga d’immagini e informazioni su diversi personaggi, come KaguyaYakumoKuon, e alcuni dei luoghi che potremo visitare all’interno di questo nuovo capitolo della serie di Omega Force, la cui demo è disponibile in Giappone in esclusiva per PlayStation 4, mentre sembra poter arrivare anche una per PS Vita, mentre il gioco completo debutterà nei prossimi mesi anche su PlayStation 3.

■ Characters: Mahoroba Villagers


The Sacred Shrine Maiden of Mahoroba Village. One of the few with the ability to form a barrier to protect the village. For that reason, she has been treated like a princess and with great care by everyone around her. However, she herself feels constrained, and goes out in secret every day to see if there is “anything interesting” out there.



Captain of the imperial guards that protects the Sacred Shrine Maiden. He has vowed his absolute loyalty to Kaguya and will not spare himself if it means bearing the brunt to protect her. He comes from a distinguished family and has very strong self-esteem. For that reason, he is often arrogant towards other people.



A Shrine Maiden dedicated to appeasing the Mitama. She has a cheerful personality and doesn’t discriminate against anyone. She runs a small restaurant for fun and profit, and somewhat often treats villagers to strange dishes.

■ Oni



A big, insect-like Oni with a hard outer shell and huge claws. It often lurks around the forest. When it finds its prey, it uses its many legs to quickly draw near and swoop down on the enemy.

■ System: Mitama


Mitama possess support abilities called Boosts. These exhibit a variety of effects, including attack power increase, physical strength increase, and so on.

Mitama Development


As you battle, your Mitama will develop, learn Boosts, and level up. It is necessary to raise your proficiency and fill the development requirements in order to increase your Boost level. For Mitama, the development requirements are different depending on the Boost. While one Mitama can learn nine types of Boosts, only three Boosts can be activated at the same time.

■ System: Base

Slayer Headquarters


The headquarters that supervises the Slayers taking residence in Mahoroba Village. In the “Command Center,” players can receive missions issued by Slayers to subdue Oni. In the “Repository,” players can learn about the basics of battle.

It should be noted that rather than by receiving orders from the Command Center as a Slayer, the story progresses through “missions” that should be formed by the player themselves. Some missions are not just your duties as a Slayer, but also actions detached from the organization.



The house given to the player character. Hakase originally used this place as a warehouse.

You can store weapons and armor, and change equipment in the “Equipment Chest.” You can store materials that you’ve obtained in the “Materials Chest.” You can view “Letters” sent to the player character. The “Biography” is a written record of the player character’s exploits. And by using the “Fireplace,” you can change the in-game time.



At the Blacksmith, you can use materials and Haku to “Create” weapons and armor, as well as increase your weapon and armor’s abilities through “Fortification.”



A facility managed by Kuon. Here, you can say a “Prayer” to increase the development and acquisition rates of Mitama, as well as give Kuon ingredients to receive food preparations at the “Restaurant.”

Everything Shop


A shop that deals in everything from weapons to armor, Oni materials, and other commodities. How he gets all these items is unknown.

Inoltre, il prossimo 24 aprile si terrà una live su YouTube dove Koei Tecmo svelerà il cast completo di Toukiden 2.

Fonte: Gematsu

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