Warriors All-Stars – Tokitsugu di Toukiden si mostra in un trailer

Previsto per PCPlayStation 4 per il prossimo 1 settembre in Europa, Warriors All-Stars si presenta quest’oggi sulle nostre pagine con un nuovissimo trailer dedicato, nuovamente, ad un personaggio proveniente dalla serie Toukiden.

Tokitsugu, infatti, proviene dalla serie action RPG sviluppata dai ragazzi di Omega Force, gli stessi di questo atteso Warriors All-Stars.

In Musou Stars, nome nipponico del gioco, ci sono i principali personaggi provenienti dai franchise di Koei Tecmo come, ad esempio, Dynasty WarriorsSamurai WarriorsNinja GaidenAtelier e tanto altro ancora.

Warriors All-Stars
1st September 2017 for PS4 and PC (Steam)

Character focus: Tokitsugu
Origin: “TOUKIDEN” series

A machina created by the Professor that contains the soul of a person within. It is a brave warrior despite its cute outward appearance and serves as a mentor to the rest of the Slayers. None can equal its skill with a rifle.

Warriors All-Stars tells the tale of heroes from different worlds and times summoned to a mysterious land at the brink of destruction, after a magical spring, the source of its power, dries up after its king’s passing. The young princess, Tamaki, follows the legend passed down by her people to summon the champions and lead them to restore the spring, but her power spirals out of control and scatters them across the domain. Tamaki sets out to seek their aid in retaining the throne, but has to work fast as her rivals, Setsuna and Shiki, descendants of the royal family, also wish to claim the kingdom for themselves. This rivalry causes the heroes to split into three separate groups and forced to fight on opposing sides.

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