Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of Dana – Immagini e informazioni su Shoebill e la pesca

Falcom continua a rilasciare nuovissime informazioni e immagini riguardanti le feature di Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of Dana, prossimo episodio della saga action RPG che sarà disponibile a luglio su PlayStation Vita in Giappone mentre l’edizione PS4 è prevista per il prossimo anno.

■ Characters

Shoebill (Female)


A silent bird who remains still like a statue who moves in on the village the castaways began living in before they know it.

She protects the young Ricotta from beastly attacks, raising her as her own child. She taught Ricotta how to survive on the island. Ricotta is close with her and calls her “Mother.”

Although it hardly ever cries (animal cry), it seems to be of high intelligence as both she and Ricotta can understand each other’s intentions. Its favorite foods are the fish from the Isle of Seiren’s coastal waters, and she’ll gladly accept the fish Adol catches (seemingly).

■ Fishing

In Ys VIII, players can fish in the Isle of Seiren’s surrounding waters and in the streamlets within the island.

Here’s the rundown:

(1) When at the waterside, press the Up button on the d-pad to enter “Fishing” mode.


(2) Use the left analog stick to pick a spot to cast your line, and press the Circle button to cast.


(3) Patiently wait for fish to take the bait. The instant it takes the button, hit the Circle button!


(4) When the gauge at the top of the screen fills up, you will have successfully caught the fish.


Different Fishing Ability Per Character

Fishing ability differs greatly per character, and based on which character you use, the types of fish you can catch also changes. Sahad, for example, is a stable fisherman who hardly ever fails. Laxia, on the other hand—while her ability may be at the lowest level—has a high chance of pulling in rare fish. By fishing with considering each character’s ability, you’ll be able to catch a variety of fish.

Pulling In Big Game


If there’s a waterside, you can fish anywhere, but if you fish in places with signs of fish in the water, the chance you’ll pull in big game is increased.

Pulling In Violent Fish


On rare occasions when fishing, there is a chance you’ll pull in a hostile aquatic monster known as a “Violent Fish.” In these cases, you’ll jump straight into battle. Some of these Violent Fish will have high levels.

Giving Fish to Shoebill


You can give the fish you catch to Shoebill in the Drifting Village as a present. You can give Shoebill all types of fish, but if she’s satisfied with the fish you give her, she may give Adol and company a happy surprise to show her gratitude.

Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of Dana non è stato ancora annunciato ufficialmente in Europa.

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