Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of Dana – Nuove informazioni e immagini su personaggi e quest

Ieri c’è stato l’annuncio ufficiale della PlayStation Vita dedicata a questo gioco, mentre oggi torniamo a parlare di Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of Dana con una nuova serie d’immagini e informazioni che riguardano non solo i personaggi ma anche le quest che si potranno affrontare nel corso di questa nuova avventura di Adol.

I personaggi presentati sono DinaKuina e tutte le informazioni per questo titolo che, ricordiamo, non è stato ancora annunciato per l’Europa le potete trovare di seguito:

■ Characters

Dina (voiced by Naomi Ohzora)

“Don’t make fun of my Dina-sama’s utter gutsiness and commercial spirit!”

18 years old. A reckless and cheerful young trader girl.

She was aboard the Lombardia Passenger Liner headed towards an important business discussion, but was unluckily involved in the shipwreck accident and washed ashore the Isle of Seiren.

Instead of just being depressed about her business negotiations going down the train, she works frantically to regain her earnings, making the best use of her business abilities to manage the bases’s materials and starts a business on the unpopulated island as a trade dealer.

By rescuing Dina, a “Trading Post” will open in the Drifting Village. At the Trading Post, you can exchange the materials you have on hand to obtain even rarer and more superior materials.

Kuina (voiced by Shino Shimoji)

“Hehe, target spotted ahead! Advance at full speed!”

10 years old. A very young and innocent girl who has been wandering the Isle of Seiren by herself.

She seems to be considerably mischievous, and after joining the Drifting Village, tends to tease Adol and Dogi, and spends her days playing with the castaways.

She appears to be one of the guests that was aboard the Lombardia Passenger Liner, but why is she wearing sailor clothes? And where are her parents? Further details about her are unknown.

■ System

Drifting Village Quests


In the Drifting Village, where the castaways you rescued are gathered, a bulletin board is set up where the Lombardia’s captain and its castaways put up their troubles as requests, which Adol and his party can take on as quests.

In addition to obtaining rewards by completing the request, if a quest is connected to a certain castaway, there are also cases where the battle potential of a character will be increased during Counter-Attack Battles.

Additionally, quests may result in the construction of new facilities in the Drifting Village, as well as changes in the residential area.

There are also quests that activate by rescuing a specific castaway.

—[Quest Example #1: Make a Curtain]


Laxia, so that she can live with peace of mind in the Drifting Village, puts in a request that a curtain be put up within the cave.

By hearing out the opinion of the tailor Alison, Adol finds that she can make a curtain if she had some soft, fibrous material and goes in search of a “soft quality fiber” material.

—[Quest Example #2: Eggs Delivery]


Hummel comes across a huge egg that unexpectedly washes ashore the beach of the Drifting Village.

Thinking that the egg might something of the Ancient’s that poses a threat to the castaways, Hummel attempts to return the egg to its original location, and requests Adol’s cooperation in climbing the “Great Stone Pillar Wind Cave,” but…

Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of Dana sarà disponibile in Giappone su PlayStation Vita a luglio mentre la versione PlayStation 4 è attualmente pianificata per il prossimo anno.

Via: Gematsu

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