Azure Striker Gunvolt 2 – Disponibili nuove immagini e dettagli su Gibril e Asroc

Inti Creates ha annunciato due nuovissimi personaggi per il suo Azure Striker Gunvolt 2, gioco che debutterà il prossimo mese in Nord America ma di cui, purtroppo, non abbiamo informazioni sul suo rilascio in Europa in esclusiva per Nintendo 3DS.

I due personaggi in questione sono GibrilAsroc, che abbiamo già ammirato precedentemente ma che ora si mostrano con il loro aspetto occidentale. Loro sono i due membri finali dei cosiddetti The Seven e sono doppiati rispettivamente da Maya Enoyoshi e Kazuki Ohta.

Ecco alcuni dettagli su Gibril:

Gibril is an adept whose “Metallon” septima gives her the ability to control metal. She has a cruel, yet sadistic personality, but more than either of those her true nature is quite masochistic. She harbors great insecurities about her height, and she tends to express those insecurities by acting out in fits of pure rage. So, within the ranks of Eden, it is quite taboo to say words like “small” or “tiny” when she is around.

During battle, she can create metal-based weapons while in her “Alchemist Mode”, utilize her high-speed “Beast Mode” form, and her most powerful form, “Crisis Beast Mode”.

Informazioni su Asroc:

His “Puppetmaster” septima grants him the ability to extend special energy wires from his fingertips that allow him to power-up and control machines.

He once had a dream of owning an pastry shop par excellence, but became discouraged about his dream after experiencing constant discrimination at the hands of non-adepts.
Before he knew it, he became obsessed with the idea of taking revenge on them, and has kept that fire going is his heart ever since.

Asroc controls a robot named “Galette Krone”, which was developed by Eden to be used with his Puppetmaster septima. This is the only way to control it, since it’s not a normal functioning robot.

Via: DualShockers

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