Don’t Starve: Hamlet – Da oggi disponibile il nuovo DLC del gioco in Early Access

Don’t Stave: Hamlet è il nuovo DLC del famosissimo survival game realizzato da Klei Entertainment.

Disponibile in Early Access su Steam, Don’t Starve: Hamlet porterà i giocatori ad esplorare una nuovissima area ovvero la città perduta degli aristocratici Pigmen all’interno di una giungla tropicale e, soprattutto, ricca dei soliti pericoli di questo titolo:

Don’t Starve: Hamlet Available Now!

Well, here we are!

Today we launched Don’t Starve: Hamlet into Early Access. Like our previous DLC for Don’t Starve we will be using this time with Hamlet to gather feedback and put the finishing touches on the game.

With the launch of Early Access we introduce Wilba and Roc:

Wilba: Daughter to Queen Malfalfa, Princess Wilba has the love of her people. If only she wanted the job. She would much rather be out in the world exploring and soaking up life, even if she still requires a nightlight when she gets tucked in.
ROC: There’s something that moves above the clouds. No one talks about it. No one answers questions about it. Maybe that’s cause they are just pigs. But it seems pretty freaking big. Was that just your echo? or the lonely cry of 500 tonnes of bird?
What happens next?

Between November the 8th and the launch currently planned for December, we will continue with more content and bug fix updates and prepare for the coming Aporkalypse.

Once again, thanks everybody for your support. Please enjoy Hamlet and keep sending us your suggestions and feedback! Join the launch day discussion on our forum!

Riguardo questo contenuto

In Don’t Starve: Hamlet, Wilson discovers a lost town of aristocratic Pigmen nestled within a foreboding tropical jungle.

Can you readjust to society as an outsider? Can you earn fame and riches recovering lost relics? Will you weather the Aporkalypse?
Key Features

Reacquaint to city life: Visit shops and trade with the pig society. Purchase and renovate your own home.
Delve into ancient ruins: Explore the lost world of an ancient pig civilization filled with traps and try your hand at treasure hunting.
Explore new lands: Discover the secrets of new wild life and seasons.
Craft and experiment with new items: Find new ingredients and recipes to solve new problems.

Early Access
Don’t Starve: Hamlet is not quite done. We have some items and balancing we want to finish before Early Access lifts in December. But there is still much to explore in the world and if you are the kind of person who is not afraid to stumble into an unfinished area, or use an unfinished feature, we would also love to hear any feedback you have about Hamlet on our forums.

Early Access will be over on December 6th when the end of the world arrives with the Aporkalypse!

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