Dragon Quest XI – Disponibili nuove informazioni sul gioco


Nuove informazioni su Dragon Quest XI, prossimo capitolo della saga di Square Enix, sono state svelate nel corso delle ultime ore.

Questa volta si parla nel dettaglio dello Skill Panel e di alcune delle abilità che si potranno utilizzare nel corso della nostra avventura per questo titolo che, ricordiamo, sarà disponibile in Estate in Giappone su PlayStation 4Nintendo 3DS:

■ Skill Panel

The Skill Panel consists of each member of the party’s skills arranged as panels. By allocating the Skill Points you obtain by leveling up and other means, you can learn special skills and increase your stats. Do it all in a growth system unique to Dragon Quest XI!

—Freely choose which skills you want to learn, and develop your characters to your liking!

—There are skills based on weapons and the individual characteristics of each character!

—There are even “Hero” skills you can learn!

—Panels come in various forms. Each member of the party has their own unique panel!

How you develop your character changes how you battle in a big way!

—You can develop your characters in various ways and try out an assortment of actions.

—Or you can focus on developing your characters in one way to learn strong special skills at an early stage.

—There are various attacks using one-handed swords, daggers, and whips!

—Polish your skill and unleash a variety of dances!

A Look at Some Skills

—The protagonist’s “god sword” special skill, “Giga Slash.”

—Camus’ “miraculous” special skill, “Steal.”

—Camus’ “boomerang” special skill, “Slime Blow.”

—Veronica’s “grimoire” special skill, “Magical Awakening.”

—Senya’s “harp” special skill, “Melody of Fire.”

—Silvia’s “acrobatic” special skill, “Flute of Fascination.”

—Martina’s “melee” special skill, “Vacuum Kick.”

—Row’s “enlightening” special skill, “Aesthetic Enlightenment.”

■ Spell of Restoration

The “Spell of Restoration” is a feature that lets you continue your adventure from roughly the same place in the story by entering a code into the adventure log menu. Since you can log the hero’s name and roughly how far you’ve advanced in the story, you can continue the story on a different platform. (Your level, the amount of money you have, and your possessions will be replaced with those prepared beforehand based on your progress of the story.)

—By entering the Spell of Restoration, you can pick up your adventure from approximately where you last left off in the story.

—You can inquire about the Spell of Restoration at the church.

What!? You can start a new adventure with an old Spell of Restoration!

—Have a look at the amount of money you have and your possessions!

Ricordiamo che Dragon Quest XI è in sviluppo anche su Nintendo Switch e questa versione non ha ancora una data d’uscita proprio come le edizioni occidentali del titolo.

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