God Eater 3 – Bandai Namco svela tante immagini e dettagli sul gioco

Bandai Namco ha diffuso una nuova valanga di informazioni per quanto riguarda God Eater 3 che si focalizzano completamente sul nuovo Adaptive God Eater Compatibility Test, un nuovo personaggio, la creazione del personaggio, nuovi aragami e molto altro ancora che trovate, come di consueto, raccolto di seguito:

■ Adaptive God Eater (AGE) Compatibility Test

With the outbreak of the Ashlands, the range of usability of existing God Eaters significantly dropped, and before long humanity was forced to deal with issues such as the provision of goods and securing the defense capabilities of ports.

Accordingly, research and development immediately progressed on AGE, a new type of God Eater with a specific resistance to the Ashlands, and compatibility tests were conducted at each port. However, the compatibility test for AGE, which is still being researched, had an extremely low success rate, and even among those who passed, many succumbed to irrecoverable aftereffects and the like.

The protagonist and Hugo, who barely managed to passed the compatibility test and become AGE of Pennywort, have tough days ahead of them.

God Eater 3God Eater 3God Eater 3God Eater 3God Eater 3God Eater 3■ New Character

Abraham Gadolin (voiced by Unsho Ishizuka)

Gleipnir’s commander-in-chief. He was once at the top of the Gleipnir division that belonged to the regular army of the old Fenrir headquarters, and fought on the front lines as a God Eater himself.

With the outbreak of the Ashalnds, he has brought certain order to the disordered northern region as a campaign coordinator. In order to deal with the Ashlands that continue to expand, he plans the “Fenrir Headquarters Recapture Operation.”

God Eater 3God Eater 3God Eater 3■ Character Customization

In God Eater 3, you can customize the protagonist to your liking. Choose from multiple options for gender, hairstyle, face, eyes, and more, and add accessories and face paint from a variety of options to create a protagonist all your own.

God Eater 3God Eater 3God Eater 3God Eater 3God Eater 3■ Navad Nuadha

A counter-adaptive type of the base Aragami Nuadha, Navad Nuadha is able to summon electricity and use thunderbolt energy to unleash strong, high-range attacks. When activated, its agility increases and it unleashes devour attacks. Following a Burst, its electricity-covered right arm grows and it rampages the battlefield using even stronger lightning attacks.

God Eater 3God Eater 3God Eater 3God Eater 3God Eater 3Counter-Adaptive Type Aragami

Extremely dangerous beings that only appear in super highly concentrated Ashlands, such as an ash storm, and whose existence revitalizes the surrounding Ashlands. They possess extremely powerful counter-adaptive type abilities, and have evolved and derived from the Ashland Aragami as if to counter the creation of AGE.

■ Assault Missions

Special missions with the goal of defeating the Counter-Adaptive Type Aragmi that have suddenly appeared. Since the areas where Counter-Adaptive Type Aragami appear have an extremely high concentration, your window of action is limited to five minutes.

While you regularly fight in a four-man team in the Ashlands, in order to be able to defeat the Aragami within such a short window of time, an Assault Mission is carried out by an eight-man team.

God Eater 3God Eater 3Assault Missions are different from standard missions. When you accept a mission, it will call for seven other God Eaters to fight alongside you.

While the mission time is limited to five minutes, the information about the Aragami that you get out of the battle is also a reward, so even if you cannot defeat it within the time limit, the mission should be treated as a withdrawl and not a failure. You will even earn a reward, albeit one lesser than actually succeeding the mission.

You can also acquire Engage Points (EP) during Assault Missions, from which you can learn new Engages.

God Eater 3God Eater 3God Eater 3God Eater 3■ Anime Scene Screenshots

God Eater 3God Eater 3God Eater 3God Eater 3God Eater 3God Eater 3God Eater 3God Eater 3God Eater 3God Eater 3■ Main Visual / Box Art Illustration

God Eater 3God Eater 3

God Eater 3 è attualmente atteso per PC e PlayStation 4 per il 2019 qui in Europa.

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