Overwatch – Gli sviluppatori parlano del porting su Nintendo Switch del gioco!

Overwatch, dopo alcune settimane di rumor, è stato ufficializzato su Nintendo Switch nella sua Legendary Edition.

L’FPS ad eroi di Blizzard Entertainment, infatti, debutterà il prossimo ottobre sulla console ibrida della grande N con gli sviluppatori che hanno parlato ai microfoni di Eurogamer di come hanno lavorato al porting su Nintendo Switch concentrandosi su motion control e del supporto a questa edizione di Overwatch:

On including motion controls…

Yanagi: They are optional. I think when we did a little bit of research into some of the other games, it was really popular, and Nintendo also encouraged us to investigate into doing it. So we put it together, and the motion controls are actually super interesting – we have one designer on the team who uses it in a really unique way that I personally hadn’t tried before, most of the time I think people instinctively use it kind of to tilt the Switch or tilt the controller and give fine-tuning aim, and this designer actually used it detached. The right Joy-Con he points at the screen kind of like a pointer, like an old Wii-mote, and then you have really really accurate tracking that way, and you use the other Joy-Con normally. I started trying experimenting with that and it’s actually really, really eye-opening how good you can get using it in that mode.

On whether there will be all the same competitive game modes and other content from PC and other consoles…

Hawley: As we do with Windows PC and other console platforms, we are going to try and commit to getting every patch that goes out to any of the platforms to launch simultaneously with the same full feature stack in every version of Overwatch that exists. We really want feature parity between all versions of the game.

On whether cross-progression (and cross-play) could happen in the future…

Hawley: Cross play and cross progression are something we’ve learned a lot about in the last couple of years, particularly looking at our other game Hearthstone, which has multiplatform support. We don’t have anything specific to talk about today, other than say there are business and technical challenges to getting all that to work correctly. Our focus really has been just trying to get Overwatch on the Nintendo Switch so we can have all new ways to play and welcome the Nintendo community into the Overwatch community.

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