Pokémon Let’s Go Pikachu e Pokémon Let’s Go Eevee – Ecco alcuni dettagli sui giochi

La mattina è partita alla grande con l’annuncio da parte di Nintendo di Pokémon Let’s Go Pikachu e Pokémon Let’s Go Eevee le due nuove incarnazioni della serie che faranno da spin-off in attesa della prossima generazione già annunciata per il 2019.

Di seguito ecco alcune informazioni per quanto riguarda i due giochi in esclusiva per Nintendo Switch che fanno il proprio debutto, insieme al particolare controller PokéBall Plus, il 16 novembre 2018:

– You will not be able to evolve your partner Pokemon
– However, can catch other Eevee/Pikachus you find in the wild
– Your partner Pokemon will take up one of your six party slots, and you will be able to box it
– Boxes work differently in that you now have a box in your bag
– The ability to transfer from Go/Let’s Go opens up about halfway through the game
– After that, you’ll be able to do it freely
– There are also minigames you can do when transferring lots of Pokemon over
– Candy from Go will not do anything in Let’s Go
– Won’t say whether you’ll be able to transfer Pokemon from Let’s Go and turn them into Candy
– Any Pokemon that’s large enough in Let’s Go you will automatically ride
– They had the idea to let you ride Pokemon of any size but decided against it
– No HMs
– Although the interface is different, you will still earn EXP from catching Pokemon, as well as trainer battles
– Event Pokemon in Go (Ash hat Pikachu, etc), cannot be transferred to Let’s Go
– The controls for catching Pokemon in handheld mode will have you moving the console around and pressing a button to throw; no touch screen, and the gyro part is required
– No additional details about Z-mode/Mega Evolutions in Let’s Go
– They haven’t locked down how experience from capturing Pokemon/trainer battles will be distributed (evenly, per Pokemon etc.)
– Trading and battling online between Switches will be available through online and local play
– As of right now, Masuda is saying that in general, only the original 150 Pokemon will be available in Let’s Go
– No news on player customization (at least for now)
– The plot of Let’s Go will not take you to Johto
– The map of Kanto, however, will be very similar to the original landmass, but there will be graphical differences
– Although there are some Alolan forms of Pokemon in Let’s Go, there are otherwise no connections between it and Sun/Moon
– There are once again two versions, which means all the usual Pokemon differences apply (individual Pokemon)
– No plot differences between the two

Via: Nintendo Everything

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