Super Dragon Ball Heroes – Disponibile la demo e un nuovo aggiornamento del gioco

Super Dragon Ball Heroes è disponibile da qualche settimana su Nintendo Switch e PC e Bandai Namco ha da poco rilasciato un nuovo aggiornamento gratuito di questo card game.

Il titolo, che non è stato accolto in maniera positiva dalla stampa, è ora disponibile anche in versione demo sia tramite l’eShop che Steam.

Per quanto riguarda l’update di Super Dragon Ball Heroes sono ora disponibili sia nuovi contenuti e soprattutto diversi bugfix che andranno a riequilibrare il gameplay del gioco:

New content

  • 16 new cards with 14 coming from the movie Dragon Ball Super: Broly
    • UM5-054 Vegeta:BR (SSGSS)
    • UM6-050 Goku:BR (SSGSS)
    • UM5-068 Broly:BR (Fury, Battle Suit)
    • UM6-052 Vegeta:BR (SSG)
    • UM5-059 Bulma:BR (Snowsuit)
    • UM5-061 Gine:BR
    • UM5-063 King Cold:BR
    • UM6-058 Bardock:BR
    • UM6-065 Broly:BR (Normal, Damaged suit)
    • UM6-068 Cheelai:BR
    • UM6-067 Lemo:BR
    • UM5-065 Nappa:BR
    • UMPW-01 : Goku: Zeno (SS4)
    • UMPW-02 : Vegeta: Zeno (SS4)
    • UMPW-03 : Trunks: Future (SS1) (Prison Suit)
    • UMPW-04 : Sealas (Normal)
  • New content for the Creation Mode
  • 13 Super Attacks
  • 14 Abilities
  • 16 Character designs
  • 7 Accessories(Super Attack Type)
  • 13 Accessories(Ability Type)
  • 4 new battle stages
  • 10 Extra Mission, available from the Hero Lab
  • Added Camaraderie Bonus for newly added characters (11)
  • Bulma’s voice in-game has been replaced by the voice of a new actress, following the passing away of the original voice actress.
  • Background music new options: players can now customize the background music with theme songs from Super Dragon Ball Heroes World Mission and Dragon
  • Ball Heroes anime series.
  • Help text added in the Team Battle and DB Cup Online Menu screen.

Bug fixes

  • Game crashes when starting a tournament in Hero Stadium with Dark Demon God as an avatar, in God Class Up or Super God Class Up.
  • Trunks navigation voice disappears during the battle after playing mini game “Charge Impact” in the Hero Lab.
  • When attempting an online battle while Trunks voice has disappeared, the game gets stuck when Pursuit chance appears.
  • Reward conditions in Creation Mode do not work properly.
  • Unlimited rewards glitch in the Creation Mode

Known issues

  • Using an original custom card created with elements from the Free Update (Character Stickers, Ability, Accessory item and Super Attack Accessory items) in an uploaded Edit Mission will prompt up a connection error message. Note that this error does not occur in Story mode.

Fonte: Bandai Namco

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