Trine 3: Artifacts of Power – Disponibile un nuovo grande aggiornamento

Trine 3: Artifacts of Power ha ricevuto un nuovo grande aggiornamento che ha portato il titolo alla sua versione 0.07. Questo gioco, terzo capitolo della serie sviluppata da Frozenbyte, è disponbile su PC con la formula di accesso anticipato che permette agli sviluppatori di lavorare al meglio per migliorare l’esperienza ludica del gioco.

Di seguito ecco il changelog completo dedicato a Trine 3: Artifacts of Power:

v0.07 (build 2939) – June 11th, 2015
Early Access update #7 (New story level + New challenge level + Optimizations + Bug fixes)

* Added more optimizations
* Added optimizations when game is run on laptop and in battery mode (Game will reduce shader quality and enables 30 FPS cap when battery mode is detected)
* Fixed some crashes in co-op gameplay
* Fixed rare crash issues which happened to various users

Online multiplayer
* Added different colors for player characters when playing Tutorial and Unlimited Mode (also affects local co-op)
* Fixed some online multiplayer issues in all levels

* Added “The Astral Academy” story level!
* Added “Challenge #3″ level!
* Fixed and tweaked lots of small gameplay issues in “The Three Heroes” level
* Fixed and tweaked lots of small gameplay issues in “Academy Outskirts” level
* Fixed and tweaked lots of small gameplay issues in “Themepark” level
* Fixed and tweaked lots of small gameplay issues in “Challenge” levels
* Fixed and tweaked lots of small gameplay issues in “Concept 01″ and “Public Editor Example” levels

* Added new player re-spawn system and spirits (still a bit work in progress!)
* Added Mouse Wheel support for Amadeus (Wizard) levitation (object moves in depth)
* Fixed Zoya (Thief) bow shooting on kb+mouse (no more automatic arrow release)
* Fixed bunch of small issues for all player character skills
* Tweaked logic for various player character skills

Save & Load
* Added automatic saving system

* Added new effects to various gameplay elements

* Added new audio effects to various gameplay elements and levels

* Added new console into game (F8)
* Added Ctrl+v support for the console

* Added missing localizations for English

* Added “Complete Astral Academy” achievement
* Added “Collect all shards from Astral Academy” achievement

Public Editor
* Fixed issue where new editor install might delete your level save files if installed to old editor install folder

* When reporting bugs, please always state game’s version number and build number. Check the version number from game’s main menu.

List of Known Issues
* Online Multiplayer doesn’t have sound if Voice Chat is enabled. You can disable it from %appdata%/Trine3/options.txt (more info on Steam community forums)
* Public Editor might have issues if you try to install new version into old versions install folder (also hundreds of pop ups might appear).

* Patch size will be about 1.8 GB due to rebuilded data (optimizations) and due to new content

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