World of Final Fantasy: Meli-Malo – Ecco il trailer di debutto del gioco

Dopo l’anticipazione arrivata da Famitsu ecco che Square Enix annuncia ufficialmente per AndroidiOS un monster training RPG che prende il nome di World of Final Fantasy: Meli-Melo che sarà disponibile quest’anno in Giappone in formato free-to-play e con il supporto alle microtransazioni.


“Valgallan.” There is a world where legendary beings called Mirages and small people known as “Lilikins” coexist.

The earth, which is said to be “the source of all energy,” is divided into five magical powers—“fire,” “ice,” “forest,” “light,” and “dark”—and is protected by five “Mythical Beast Kings” who specialize in each power.

However, the “day of calamaity” will come…

During the ceremony celebrating one thousand years since the founding of the Baron, King Cecil was suddenly swallowed up by darkness and went missing.

And so the [Player] was summoned to Valgallan.

With their “Garden User” ability that enables them to befriend Mirages, the [Player] will go on an adventure to change the fate of destruction engulfing the world.


  • Train Your Very Own Monsters – You can train Mirages in the Garden, and they grow when you give them magical gems known as “Rise” that you can acquire when “Adventuring” and “Exploring.” Depending on their growth stats, you can train them as original monsters all your own in order learn various abilities.
  • Stacking Battles – Battles progress automatically. Take monster attributes and affinity into consideration in order to form the best possible party, and use abilities to gain victory. Through cooperative stacking techniques that connect your party, you can trigger various techniques, including powerful special moves that turn the tides of battle, depending on the combination of Mirages.
  • Mega Mirages and Champions – By stacking specific Mirages, you can trigger a “Mega Mirage Summon” where a giant Mirage unleashes a special move, as well as a “Champion Summon,” where a Final Fantasy series character is summoned to provide battle support.
  • Dome Challenge – By using the “Mirage Domes” acquired when “Adventuring,” you can play a simple battle where a maximum of four friends can participate at the same time. By clearing the battle, you can get exclusive Mirages and growth items.
  • Manga Scenarios – If you clear “The Land of Beginnings” area when “Adventuring,” the opening scenario manga will unlock, enabling you to read it from the “Garden.” Go on an adventure to save the world with the monsters of Final Fantasy!

Ecco a voi il trailer di debutto di questo gioco.

Via: Gematsu

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