World of Final Fantasy – Square Enix afferma che il sequel è già stato scritto ma non è in sviluppo

La settimana prossima ci sarà il rilascio ufficiale di World of Final Fantasy Maxima, edizione aggiornata del JRPG a turni spin-off del franchise di Square Enix con il debutto del titolo anche su Xbox OneNintendo Switch.

Il publisher giapponese, però, non ha assolutamente intenzione di fermarsi con World of Final Fantasy e le intenzioni sono quelle di trasformare il gioco in una vera e propria serie tanto che un ipotetico World of Final Fantasy 2 è già stato scritto ma non ancora in fase di sviluppo:

  • “With the Switch port [of World of Final Fantasy Maxima], we took the opportunity to enhance the game. To be completely honest, our budget was low, so what we could do was limited, but we used our time carefully and did what we could!”
  • “The difference in resolution between handheld and TV modes [on Switch] caused some trouble for the staff. The engine is the Orochi Engine. The Switch didn’t support it, but we got the engine team to support the Switch, so I think this is the first Switch game using the Orochi Engine.”
  • “As for the PS Vita version, it lacked sufficient memory and was not able to support the upgrade.”
  • “[The game] tells a bit of the afterstory of Lann and Reynn.”
  • “While there are no plans for a sequel, I have fully written the story. If Square Enix gives us its approval, we can start development right away.”
  • “Some people wondered if Lann’s puns were really necessary, so we considered an option to turn them off, and it was practically finished, but then we felt bad for him so we thought better of it.”
  • “For the second playthrough, I considered an element for audio commentary from the characters that appear in each cutscene, but I threw that idea aside as it would be too metafiction.”

World of Final Fantasy Maxima, ricordiamo, debutterà il prossimo 6 novembre su PCXbox OnePlayStation 4Nintendo Switch.

Via: Gematsu


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