Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of Dana – Nuove informazioni e immagini su personaggi e ambientazioni

Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of Dana è il prossimo capitolo della saga di Falcom che è attualmente in fase di lavorazione. Il gioco, di recente, si è tornato a mostrare con una serie d’immagini e informazioni che abbiamo la possibilità di mostrarvi in questa news in maniera molto dettagliata:

■ Characters

Raksha (19 years old)


“An ‘adventurer’? I would never acknowledge such a facetious title!”

Daughter of the noble Roswell family of Garman.

As a noble, she always tries to conduct herself politely, but with her high pride and stubborn personality, she’s racing for disaster.

While confused by the environment of the Drifting Village, with its mixed social statuses and jobs, she uses her profound knowledge of ancient ruins, plants, and animals to work with with Adol and friends.

Sahad (41 years old)


“Ga ha ha, I was saved thanks to you. I love you two!”

A lively, openhearted, and cheerful fisherman from the Greek area.

The noble-born Raksha is shocked by his crude and ill-mannered conduct, but as he is human, he has his sentimental moments too. He is a man of the sea with a personality that can’t really be hated.

He seems to have a family back home, and works with Adol and friends to escape Siren Island.

■ Keywords

The Isle of Seiren


An island that exists in the Goethe Sea south of Greek.

It is rumored that a ship passing through its adjacent waters mysteriously sank, and that the island is uninhabited.

The island gets its name from a regional legend of a monster whose singing causes voyagers to become confused and sink their boats.

The Isle of Seiren is also known as the “Forever Cursed Island,” and no one willingly approaches it.

Ancient Species


The general term for the heteromorphic creatures that live on Siren Island.

While they range from huge reptiles and birds to fish and other forms, they have a clearly different ecology from creatures outside the island.

There are brutal-type Ancients who attack those that drift ashore the island, and although believed to be some sort of monsters, there is a theory that they’re ancient creatures who have undergone their own evolution in an environment isolated from the outside world.

Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of Dana è previsto per quest’anno su PlayStation 4 e PlayStation Vita in Giappone mentre non abbiamo ancora informazioni sul lancio europeo di questo titolo.

Fonte: Gematsu

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